Trademarks and Patents in China | First Webinar by CICC IPWG

03 十一月 2021

IP is a cross cutting issue involving companies in different fields.  Understanding the IP environment in China is thus crucial to companies operating on the market.

This first seminar was part of a series of activities organized by our Intellectual Property Working Group (IPWG) and aimed at providing companies with the necessary tools to navigate the changing IP environment in China.  During the webinar our guest speakers helped us to tackle the critical points of Trademarks and Patents related issues in China providing easy-to-use guidelines to participating companies.

Having a thorough understanding of the IP environment, constantly monitoring the market and staying up to date with changing regulations are key points for ensuring your IP is protected in China.

"Companies must employ a preventive and holistic IP protection strategy in China. This is necessary to make sure your IP is protected, correctly registered and not easily infringed upon."

-Guilherme Campos, Vice Coordinator of CICC IPWG, Manager at Dezan Shira & Associates (DSA)


"Like all major economics in the world, China's legal system is improving, and more and more case studies are proving that IPs like patent and trademark are definitely enforceable, but you have to first have your IPs filed and granted in China."

-Peter Li, Partner at Jiaquan IP LAW


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About IPWG

The CICC IPWG is a business group established within the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, gathering members from a wealth of inter-connected industries across fashion, luxury, F&B, consumer goods, engineering, R&D, university, legal & IP services.

IPWG participants are CICC members willing to join discussions about: IP law & policy, IP protection & enforcement, IP commercialisation, science & technology, tech-transfer, R&D, from an academic, industry or consulting position. Cross-IP experts are welcomed, from branding & advertising, finance, banking, privacy, among others.

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