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27 三月 2019

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is pleased to inform you about the seminar “China Tax Cuts and New VAT", that will be held At Xian Jiao...

20 三月 2019

POST EVENT: SGSO Suzhou Monthly Informal Meeting, 20th of March 2019

19 三月 2019

POST EVENT: SGSO Monthly Informal Meeting Shanghai, 12th of March 2019

31 一月 2019

Happy Year of the Pig - CICC Team

SAVE THE DATE! Italy and Anhui China culture & tourism promotion, 28th of January 2019 Beijing
28 一月 2019

The China Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is glad to invite you to ITALY AND ANHUI CHINA CULTURE & TOURISM PROMOTION, an event promoted by the Italy China Travel Club Working Group (ICTC) and the Department of Culture and Tourism of Anhui Province. The initiative will be held on January 28th 2019, from 16:00 to 18:00 at the Chuanshan Academy in Haidian, Beijing.

IGNITE - Moving Ideas: Registration Deadline Postponed To February 17th 2019
24 一月 2019

Dear Members & Friends of CICC,
The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce organizes and promotes the contest IGNITE: Moving Ideas to reward the most innovative ideas of the year by Students & Young Professionals.

IPR SME Helpdesk's Publications
24 一月 2019

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to share two articles published by the IPR SME Helpdesk, partner of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CCIC), to provide you with some updated insights about intellectual property issues in China.

POST EVENT - Incontro con Ministro Sen. Gian Marco Centinaio, 22 Gennaio 2019, Pechino
22 一月 2019

In data 22 gennaio 2019 si è tenuto un incontro con il Ministro delle Politiche Agricole, Alimentari, Forestali e del Turismo, Sen. Gian Marco Centinaio.

POST EVENT - “Assisting Chinese Companies in Italy, Africa and the Middle East: Our Practical Experience”
21 一月 2019

POST EVENT - “Assisting Chinese Companies in Italy, Africa and the Middle East: Our Practical Experience”

POST EVENT - 新春烤全羊联谊会
20 一月 2019

POST EVENT - 新春烤全羊联谊会

活动后 – 研讨会“关注与反贿赂和管理体系认证相关的国家法律ISO 37001”,2019年1月17日于苏州
17 一月 2019

活动后 – 研讨会“关注与反贿赂和管理体系认证相关的国家法律ISO 37001”,2019年1月17日于苏州

宣讲人召集令 - 研讨会“环境、健康和安全(EHS)条例”,2019年3月1日于苏州
16 一月 2019

宣讲人召集令 - 研讨会“环境、健康和安全(EHS)条例”,2019年3月1日于苏州

People's Daily - Interview with Davide Cucino, Chairman of CICC
15 一月 2019

Dear Members and Friends of CICC,

we are glad to share with you the translation of the interview of CICC's Chairman Davide Cucino for the newspaper People's Daily. 


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