Job description: 

Main goal of the position

- Meet all the requirements from Italian head offices from sourcing to shipment;
- Continue to improve chinese production`s possibilities in terms of both quality and products range;
- Lead a team of young and passionate people with industrial experience

Main products

- Buttons, Buckles, Decorative Applications, Laces, Ribbons, Tapes, Packaging Items, Belts, Necklaces, Embroideries,   Handmade Embellishments, Linings

Job duties and responsibilities

- Forecasting costs and demand to draw the budget of the department and keep within it
- Coordinate, train and motivate the team members to obtain the expected results
- Lead a team of young and passionate people with sectorial experience
- Manage sourcing and purchasing of accessories to provide qualified goods at reasonable prices
- Seek reliable suppliers and develop products according to the client`s requests
- Suppliers and products assessment
- Negotiating of prices and contracts, establishing procedures and standards
- Review technical specifications for raw materials, components and equipment according to given quality standards         prices and delivery
- Organize and manage inspection to suppliers to monitor production progress, quality and delivery time
- Resolving disputes between suppliers and clients and establish positive relationships
- Monitor and regularly report KPI to improve supplier performance
- Monitor and calculate the final balance of performed activities in terms of turnover volume, quality and punctuality for     deliveries


Education Background: 

Expected candidate skills and experience
- 4 years of continuous experience in similar position and product
- Wide resources of qualified accessories and bijeux suppliers
- Familiar with EU Eco Safe Standards
- Fluent Chinese English Italian
- Strong communication skills
- Team building and leading capability
- Strong time management skills to ensure job quality under high pressure
- Strong trouble shooting skills with flexible minds
- Excellent negotiation skills
- Willing to frequent travel over China, Hong Kong and to Italy
- Proficient in Word Excel and PPT

- Loyal, smart, responsible, organized, cooperative, ability to build strong relationships

Company Info: 

Italian fashion brand 

If interested to the above mentioned position pls send CV and cover letter to the following address:

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