Job description: 

On behalf of our client - Industrie Bitossi Guangzhou Minerals Co., Ltd., we are looking for a tenacious, scrupulous, motivated and reliable candidate with a consolidated experience for the role of Financial Manager in the area of Guangzhou, in Guangdong province. The candidate must be Chinese native, fluent in English and/or Italian and with past experience in a similar role in a Multinational Company.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Handling full set of accounts, involve various bookkeeping routines and basic accounting tasks which consist of journal entry, verifying data, reconciling discrepancies and checking accounting documents for completeness, mathematical accuracy and consistency.
  • Check and control the expenses and cost of every production and media job, in order to validate if the revenue is offset by the correct cost and expenses, to analyze whether the revenue can cover the expenses or not, and to calculate the net profit or less.
  • Manage accounts receivable and payable ledge, workout schedule and aging report to analyze all clients’ credit and debit situation every week.
  • Be in charge of fix asset ledger accounts, make application form of purchasing and inventorying it regularly.
  • Deliver monthly financial statement to tax department for paying taxes and deal with the register modifying of business and taxation.
  • Prepare the monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports and consolidation report to send to the Italian holding company.
  • Constitute and audit the company’s contracts and agreements concerning financial affairs and provide professional advice to other business departments.
  • In charge of the internal and external annual audit for the company.
  • Control the budget, cost analysis and financing analysis for the company’s operational decision.
  • Handle the cash, credit and banking affairs. Control accounts receivable and accounts payable for assuring a benign cash flow of the company.
  • Deal with tax, commercial and foreign affairs and communicate with relevant government bureaus.
  • Supervise inventory and fixed assets calculations.
  • Manage foreign currencies matters: comprehend the most updated information of foreign currency policies and assure an accurate balance of the foreign currencies


13,000 RMB/month for 13 months (negotiable according to the candidate’s experience and skills); free shuttle service from GZ to the Company and vice versa; 200 RMB/month for 12 months cell phone reimbursement.

If you are interested, please send your application to:

Education Background: 

Candidate Profile:

  • Familiar with, or better expert in the use of SAP.
  • Fluent either in English or Italian languages.


Company Info: 

Industrie Bitossi Group

Based in Vinci, Italy, Industrie Bitossi is the world’s largest producer of alumina grinding media and lining bricks. One of the largest suppliers of zirconium silicate marketed under the name Zircobit, and a leading producer of alumina ceramics for wear resistance and defense applications .


比托西总公司位于意大利佛罗伦斯附近的芬奇镇,是全球最大的氧化铝研磨介质及衬砖厂家。它是全球最大的硅酸锆(Zircobit)厂商之一,也是生产防磨及 军防保护装置用氧化铝陶瓷的主要生产厂家。


Industrie Bitossi (Guangzhou) Minerals Co.,Ltd

In May 2007, Industrie Bitossi inaugurated the new plant Industrie Bitossi (Guangzhou) Minerals Co.,Ltd which locally produces both zircon flour and micronised zirconium silicate. Consequently, Chinese customers are able to profit in terms of quality, quantity and additional advantages arising for a prompt and appropriate logistic approach.


2007 年 5 月,意大利比托西公司在广州设立了工厂—比托西(广州)矿业有 限公司。这是一家专业生产锆粉和微粉硅酸锆的厂家。从此中国客户不仅能在质 量与数量上得到更有力的保障,并且还将享有更为便利的物流条件。

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