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Date : September 29th, 2011
Title : Chief Representative Assistant
Industry type :Logistics / Forwarding
Type of job :Full time
Work Location :Guangdong
Salary Range :02 - From 5000 to 10000 RMB/month
Company Info :Our firm CENTRO SPEDIZIONIERI DOGANALI has been a leader in the custom cunsulting and in foreign trade for a long time and realized that the economic Chinese growth has to be considered in the future not as a period to oppose or to clash with, but as an element of progress and of improvement for the Italian firms. For these reasons, our firm decided to open an own office agency in the most industrialized area such as Guangdong, and exactly in Guangzhou. Our agency office, with a qualified staff, even for the language knowledge, is able to offer the following services in China: - market inquiry for the commercialization of products; - custom and logistic advice and aid for both markets, the Italian and Chinese one; - legal aid for the protection of trademarks, patents and any intellectual proprerty right.

Qualifications and Educations :
-Experience required in: Customs/shipping field, Accountancy, Product sourcing.

-Languages:Italian, English and Mandarin Chinese.

For further information please contact us to: l.floriani@centrospedizionieri.com
Job Description :
Place: Guangzhou
Monthly salary: 4000RMB
Lunch: 500RMB per month
Insurance: 1000RMB per month
Housing: 600RMB
Office opening: From Monday to Friday 10:00-13:00; 14:00-19:00

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