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Date : October 11th, 2011
Title : Manufacturing Assistant
Industry type :Other
Type of job :Full time
Work Location :Guangdong
Salary Range :07 - Salary Not Indicated
Company Info :MET S.p.A. is one of the world’s leading bicycle helmets manufacturer. Safety is the starting point in all our design work. A number of pioneering innovations has made MET a world leader in safety for cyclists over the years.

Qualifications and Educations :
Technical background is a must. Ability to speak and communicate in Mandarin is preferred. Workspace: Zhejiang Guangdong China.

Apply to lavorainmet@met-helmets.com
Job Description :
This position will assist suppliers in development of processes and quality assurance procedures and will coordinate our day-to-day activities and logistics in relation with each of ours suppliers’ factories.

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