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China-Italy Juvenes Professional Network (中J意 ) is a Working Group – within the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) – that represents young professionals and students from different nationalities (up to 30 years old). They have a strong interest in cultivating personal and professional development and like to share ideas, needs and proposals to improve their career in China. CICC supports them by providing a platform to reach this goal.


CICC is going to organize a series of tailor-made services and activities for young professionals to develop specific skills required in the Chinese market, to meet entrepreneurs who are going to share their business success stories and to look for future job opportunities. Planned activities:

  • Essential skills workshop: workshops to develop specific skills required in the Chinese market with a well-known professional HR company (e.g. CV drafting, interview preparation, job search, etc.);
  • Training/seminars: on useful topics for young professionals in China;
  • Business networking: networking night/mentorship session in which young professionals have the opportunity to interact with each other and meet 2 or 3 entrepreneurs who are going to share their success stories in China.


Benefits of 中J意 Membership

  • Profile matching: through CICC job platform;
  • Exclusive events: attend events organized for CICC Members;
  • Event discount: opportunity to have a 30% discount for the participation to all CICC networking events, seminars and workshops;
  • Download EU SME Centre’s report: latest reports on the Chinese market with a special 20% discount;
  • Special visibility: possibility for students’ thesis to be selected and published on CICC Members’ News as an innovative idea.


Past Events

China-Italy Juvenes Professional Network at BEI Hotel, Beijing (Dec. 3rd 2020)


Upcoming Events

Seminar “Improve your work performance and be more prepared to excel in the Chinese market" will be held on February 4, 2021


For any further information or to join us as a Young Professional 中J意 click HERE or contact

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