Letter from the Chairman of CICC Davide Cucino

30 三月 2020

Dear Members,

Dear Friends of CICC,


I hope that you and your families are safe and in good health.


I am glad to see that China is safely recovering and controlling the epidemic outbreak; however, Italy and Europe are now facing a big pandemic crisis with enormous impact on the the economic and social relations.


As all of you, CICC has encountered significant challenges due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Since the very beginning, we have actively faced the crisis, by keeping open our operations thanks to the remote working model, assisting our members to navigate the crisis and keeping the community engaged.


Even though the outbreak has pushed everybody to a very high level of tension and have limited the social connections, we have re-interpreted this challenge into an opportunity for developing new initiatives in order to best support CICC Members and Friends.


Since the very beginning, we placed the communication between CICC and the Italian business community as our top mission, by keeping connected and engaged our Members through our digital and social platforms. We have been sharing the most up-to-date information and insights through our webinars, weekly statements regarding CICC’s members re-opening activities along with the Official Policies and news issued by each Local Government during the outbreak.


Moreover, in order to enhance the actions of Italian companies in China during this critical time, we have collected and published donations offered to China’s government in response to this severe epidemic emergency. Several thousand of medical supplies and funds were donated to relieve the heavy burden faced by China’s healthcare system.


In the aim to understand CICC’s Members challenges and needs, we have launched two surveys on “The Impact of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia on the Italian Business Community in China”. The results, presented during nationwide webinars in cooperation with the Embassy of Italy in China, showed the most challenging areas of business and operations faced by Italian Companies. This has oriented CICC to organize some practical webinars focused on specific sectors and topics.


Each session of the seventeen Webinars organized in the past weeks registered a high number of participants among the Chinese and Italian communities. The thoughtful analysis, information and best practice provided the audience with an answer for some of the most challenging questions.


Recently, CICC has received numerous and spontaneous initiatives of solidarity and mutual assistance by the Chinese Community towards Italy. Several tons of sanitary material donated to Italian Institution and medical experts landed in Italy to co-operate and share their experience fighting the epidemic. This is a sign of closeness and bonding between the two countries.

CICC has published and shared some of the Chinese suppliers of medical devices, which have spontaneously contacted us, with the aim of further support the urgent need in Italy.


The CICC Logistics Working Group has edited a detailed and punctual guideline with the most updated export procedures and logistics process, strongly affected during this emergency, and not yet fully recovered.


This emergency has also highlighted the strength of the solidarity network created among members. They have shared with no interruptions, night and day, valuable information, suggestions as well as solutions to overcome those difficult moments. During these hard times, CICC has also fully acquired a social function that we believe will have to remain in the future a main asset of our organization.


CICC would like to remark the importance of the communication among its Members as the key factor to overcome this outbreak: whilst adapting to developments, we are determined to offer our community with a full commitment response creating innovative and unprecedented social and digital activities and contents.


We look forward to a full return to normal operations, hopefully in the shortest time possible.

In the meantime, we would like to remind you to stay tuned to CICC events and initiatives by connecting to our Social Media: CICC WeChat Account, CICC LinkedIn Account and CICC websites.


Stay safe!


With our best regards,

CICC Chairman Davide Cucino


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