QC manager recruitment


Industry: Manufacturing
  • Start Date
  • Job Type
  • Location
    Guangdong, China
  • Salary
    Not indicated
  • Experience
    5 to 10 years
  • Education
    1. University degree or above; 2. The factory quality management more than ten years working experience, 5 years experience in factory the same jobs; 3. Be familiar with ISO, ROHS, REACH and so on system management; 4. Strong ability of management, organization and communication and coordination; 5. Strong cost concept, the concept of quality; 6. Good professional ethics and team spirit; 7.Strong problem solving skills; 8. Knowledge of process related to raw materials (especially PU material, fabric material and recycled materials) and capability of finding the root cause if one material is not compliance.


1. Leading company quality policy, formulate and implement the product quality control plan, establish and improve the quality management system, achieve company quality control
2. Responsible for quality department all the administrative affairs of examination and approval, the allocation of resources, promote the improvement of company's quality system
3. Responsible for product quality specifications, inspection standards and inspection specifications the propriety and supervising the implement
4. Be responsible for the quality abnormal processing, confirmation and the final customer complaints handling
5. Participate in supplier qualification review, select qualified suppliers for the company
6. Responsible for quality department and the company communication, coordination of relevant departments and the Italian headquarters
7. Have the right to put a stop to illegal and requirements of production
8. Exercises ultimate veto this quality problem
9. Responsible for the company production of finished products and product quality control, responsible for batch quality accident
10. Responsible for compliance of process and product according laws and regulations and according customer's requests
11. Responsible for mechanical and chemical testing on raw materials and finish goods

Company introduction

Fedon is an Italian leather bag and cases manufacturing compnay.


Send your CV to: julietzhu@fedon.com