Senior Technical Sales Engineer

Industry: Manufacturing
  • Start Date
  • Job Type
  • Location
    Wuxi, China
  • Salary
    10,000 - 20,000
  • Experience
    5 to 10 years
  • Education


In this role you will be responsible for certain solutions of our company which in China is focused on direct and indirect sales of loading Bays, industrial doors and other products
As Senior Sales Manager, you will be responsible for approaching and managing key projects and supporting distributors and for exploring and developing new business opportunities.




Direct Sales

  • Visits to clients to understand their needs and market realities, identify new business opportunities and provide products and services of the company to try to get the sale thereof.
  • Promote the company's products in the market.
  • Perform and follow-up the orders to provide good service to customer loyalty.
  • Accomplish the activity reports and visits to know and report promptly the situation of each client, including further requirements and complaints.
  • Carry out a follow-up of unpaid bills to get the customer paid the invoices.
  • Perform market reports (trends, competitiveness, products, prices, etc. ..) to know and focus on the market needs and adapt quicker to their needs
  • Provide technical advice to customers of how products work to learn about the features, performance and / or applications thereof.
  • Propose changes or developments at the technical level of products to suit customer needs.


Indirect sales

  • be responsible for the existing distributors.. You maintain and further develop the relations; you visit potential new distributors and make a selection of preferred distributors
  • together with your local distributors, create the demand in the market and support your customers through individual consulting, training and support where needed (eg. trade shows, lead generation, product positioning, sales opportunity evaluation, customer procurement to post-sales). You also join the distributors for important meetings with end-customers
  • closely monitor the results and sales figures.
  • based on the project and prospect pipelines, you provide the management with accurate opportunity and regional forecasts on regular basis
  • You analyse the market potential and support your distributor-network pro-actively in the implementation of business opportunities
  • provide global market intelligence and competitor activity is part of your reporting to the management


Skills And Experience requested

We are seeking for a person with

  • at least 5 years’ experience selling and promoting technical products, better if from a competitors or from a General Contractor for industrial building.
  • Several years of successful experience in distributor/dealers management and supported field sales in the mentioned business is preferable.
  • Bachelor Degree/Master in Engineering is requested.
  • He/she must be fluent Native in Chinese and have a good or higher level of English.
  • Driving licence and car are required and he/she is willing to travel minimum 50% of time
  • is ambitious, result driven, committed, reliable and autonomous
  • is a committed person that knows how to win over business partners and who knows how to manage professionally and generate growth in a structured manner

Company introduction

Kopron SpA is a leading European production oriented organisation in the field of industrial logistics. Kopron has always invested in research and development and in the creation of exclusive patents according to strong market orientation. Thanks to its experience and qualified know-how, the company, run for more than 30 years by the first founders, the Vergani family, has made its mark on the market for its logistic solutions and advanced products in technology and design, capable of satisfying the requirements of every organization. Kopron Logistic Solutions is the core division serving industrial logistics since 1982, born with one single mission: improving the optimizing the logistic flows of every organization. A complete range of products, with the highest possible level of quality currently available to even the most demanding of Customers: fixed and retractable warehouses made from PVC curtains or sandwich panels, systems for loading and unloading of goods, industrial transit and safety closures. New divisions are born every year within the group from the Kopron experience in order to serve its Customers in the best possible way; among them, Kopron Sport is a division dedicated to the creation of structures for sports activities.


Send your CV to: enrico Camurati