Site Manager China

  • Start Date
  • Job Type
  • Location
    Guangdong, China
  • Salary
    Not indicated
  • Experience
    Less than 5 years
  • Education
    BS degree in Engineering or Business Management


The Site Manager, reporting directly to the Italian Headquarters General Management, will oversee all daily operations in China and will be responsible for the overall performance, ensuring that all policies and procedures are followed.



  • BS degree in Engineering or Business Management
  • Proven work experience as Site Manager of at least 3 years in the role in international companies
  • Good knowledge of English and, possibly, Chinese languages
  • Availability to move in Dongguan (Guangdong province)
  • Ability to manage a company headquarters and to implement strategies defined by the parent company
  • Relational and organizational skills, necessary to manage a team currently made up by 6-7 people
  • Adequate knowledge of the market and commercial dynamics of China
  • Ability and competence in evaluating and managing local suppliers
  • Previous experience in the field of plastic moulding and metal carpentry
  • Previous experience in companies already present in the Chinese context is well appreciated
  • Ability to analyse and to have an overview of business processes and problem solving
  • Excellent leadership, strong team building, decision-making and people management skills
  • Objective and innovative orientation


  1. Develop new businesses and retain existing customers
  2. Evaluate and implement development programs, based on the actual needs of local customers and the directives of the parent company
  3. Manage locally developed projects
  4. Assist the R&D and manufacturing departments of the parent company
  5. Coordinate and guide local human resources
  6. Carry out constant reporting to the parent company

Company introduction

GIVI is a leading national and international company for the production, processing and sale of accessories and spare parts for motorbikes, mopeds and vehicles.


Send your CV to: Dongguan Givi Trading Co. Alessandra Sberna