New Work Practices Emerging in China: What Has Changed

26 十一月 2021


How has COVID-19 changed work practices in China? And how to hire, train, retain and fire talents – both local and foreigners – over the long-term against the backdrop of evolving work practices? We tried to answer these questions in our seminar "New Work Practices Emerging in China: What Has Changed", organized at Marposs (Nanjing) Automation Co., Ltd. on November 18th together with the EU SME Center and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC).


Three speakers kicked off the discussion in a webinar that offered the opportunity to interact and exchange real situations in the HR department.


"Remote and hybrid work raises a series of legal and administrative challenges which the employer shall consider in order to be in compliance with the relevant regulations and reduce the risks this arrangements would imply (e.g., for confidentially and trade secrets or for the protection of sensitive data and personal information)."

Mr Riccardo Verzella, Senior Associate at D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel


"As an entrepreneur with rich experience in HR, I think we all need to be more aware of the changes brought by Covid-19 and adjust the way we run our companies accordingly. We should be more proactive, not only in creating more business opportunities but also in utilizing technology. The situation also requires us to pay more attention to empowering our employees by understanding their needs during the pandemic and providing better orientation programs."

Mr Kenneth A. Taylor JrFounder of Nanjing Ying Bao Management and Consulting Company


The meeting ended with a Q&A session, in which Members and Friends provided answers to the questions raised.

We would like to thank all the speakers, the moderator and all the participants who joined the seminar and to Marposs (Nanjing) Automation Co., Ltd. for hosting us.

We look forward to seeing you all at our next events!


The CICC Staff

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