2020 edition of the "Authentic Italian Restaurants in China" booklet

01 Dicembre 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is glad to announce, in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy to the P. R. C., the launch of the "Authentic Italian Restaurants in China 2020" booklet.

The initiative aims to develop and promote the traditions of Italian agri-food products and enhance the Italian food and wine culture; enhance the image of Italian restaurants in China that respect the quality standards of Italian hospitality and to create an international network that allows the realization of promotional events of Italian production excellence.

In 2020 edition of the "Authentic Italian Restaurants in China" booklet you can find all the restaurants in China holding the “Italian Hospitality” certificate, as well as the restaurants’ best recipe!

To obtain this certificate, each restaurant met all the requirements put forward by the disciplinary. The main criteria are: Identity and distinctness; Hospitality; Mise en place; Cooking; Menu; Gastronomic offer; Wine list; Use of extra-virgin olive oil; Experience and competence; Use of PDO and PGI products.

Inspections were carried out last year by the China Italy Chamber of Commerce and aimed at verifying that the required criterions were positively met. 


Click on the cover to discover all the Authentic Italian Restaurants in China as well as their best recipes!


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