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05 Novembre 2021

Dear Members and Friends, 
The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is pleased to inform you that an agreement has been signed with Neos Air for reserving 8 seats per each leg from Milan (MXP) to Tianjin (TSN) and from Tianjin (TSN) to Milan (MXP), starting from November 2021. 

The weekly flights will take off respectively:

  • every Thursday at 17:45 (GMT +1 Rome) from Milan Malpensa International Airport with arrival to Tianjin Binhai International Airport at 10:55 (+1 day) (GMT+8 Beijing);
  • every Saturday at 9:55 (GMT+8 Beijing)from Tianjin Binhai International Airport with arrival to Milan Malpensa International Airport at 13:35 ( GMT +1 Rome).

Exact departure and arrival time will be confirmed by Neos following the confirmation of reservation.

We would like to inform you that the reservation system is now open for bookings for the flights starting from the beginning of November 2021 to the end of February 2022. The CICC’s reserved seats per leg (8 in total) are divided into economy class (4 tickets) and premium class (4 tickets).

Ticket Price

  •  The price of a one-way ticket in ECONOMY CLASS is set at €2390.
  •  The price of a one-way ticket in PREMIUM CLASS is set at €2890.


Booking Process:
Attention: seats shall only be allocated to CICC members’ employees (Italian nationals) and their family members (no restrictions on nationality for the latter). 

For reserving your ticket, please send an email with the following information to

  1.  Name
  2.  Surname
  3.  Date of birth
  4.  Passport number (plus one scanned copy)
  5.  Passport expiration date
  6.  Visa number/PU letter (plus one scanned copy)
  7.  The date of the flight you are interested in booking
  8.  Email address
  9.  Phone number

Please note that CICC team reserves the right to require proof of employment, self-declarations and other certificates as to finalize the booking procedures.

The payment link will be sent by Neos staff to your email address within 1 working day after receiving your completed booking information.


Complete the payment transaction through the link and reply to the email with payment receipt within 2 working days. Booking process will be considered completed only after the payment receipt is received. 


Time Schedule: 
Starting from December 2021, you can reserve your seat within 16 days before the actual departure date. 

Special timing for November’s flights: 
1. Flight from Milan to Tianjin on November 11th 
Flight from Tianjin to Milan on November 13th 
Please send your booking information to before November 9th

2. Flight from Milan to Tianjin on November 18th and November 25th 
Flight from Tianjin to Milan on November 20th and November 27th
Please send your booking information to before November 11th . 

Requirements for Departure:
All passengers must be in possession of the documents required by the Authorities of the country you are entering, including all additional and specific documents required during the epidemic period. 
All passengers are at their own risk in case they fail to provide required documents for departure.

Boarding Procedure:
Passengers must arrive at the check-in gate at least 5 hours before the scheduled departure time. Passengers must be in possession of all the documents required to enter the country of destination.
Each passenger is allowed to check in a hold baggage with a maximum weight of 23KG and 1 hand piece of 8KG.
Pets shall not be allowed to travel.

Passengers must accept and abide by the following conditions:
In case of positive results to the COVID-19 tests, the passengers will not be allowed to board on the plane. In this instance, the passengers shall be entitled to a full refund of the ticket price.

If you have any inquiry, please contact us at (due to the large number of requests, we remind that answering time might take up to two working days).

Kind Regards,
The CICC Team

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