Post Event - "The Italian Week: The Culture of Quality" Shanghai, November 13-20, 2020

30 Novembre 2020



Dear Members and Friends of CICC,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is pleased to announce that the "The Italian Week: The Culture of Quality" was held between the 13th and the 20th of November, in Shanghai.

The Italian Week is an event dedicated to the culture of Italian quality, organized by the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC), under the patronage of the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai. This stems from the desire to offer the citizens of Shanghai a key to reading the "Culture of Quality", which permeates all Italian economic sectors. Talking about the quality of an Italian product always turns out to be a very difficult challenge because quality is the result of a passionate marriage between knowledge and know-how, between culture and manufacturing.

Those who participated in the event had the opportunity to experience a full immersion into Italian culture and quality and to enjoy numerous activities. These include all the seminars and cooking classes relating to food and beverage, the Italian Opera, numerous activities for children, performances, a fencing training followed by a fashion show and all the various workshops related to the tourism, artistic and sports sectors. Italy counts 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its borders, the most of any country on the World Heritage List. As a result, during the Week, numerous events has been dedicated to the theme of “Italy and UNESCO”.

The location of the first 4 days of the week has been Sinan Mansion. On November 13, after the Italian Week Grand Opening, the participants enjoyed a Live Performance Italian Opera followed by the Institutional and Sponsors’ greetings




In the evening, the exhibition “From China to the World. A Journey to every country, discovering 200 economies” was host by Lorenzo Riccardi, followed by a Cocktail Networking.




During the weekend an open market and live performances were organized outdoor, as well as a Cooking Class about Sardinia dishes held on Saturday 14 at Da Marco Restaurant





In addition to the outdoor activities, a series of indoor activities were held on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15. In the afternoon of Saturday, November 14, the presentation “Food and Best Practices: UNESCO cases History” by Promoitalia, the Promotion Seminar by Chic Group and “Pizzica, the tarantula Dance – Workshop on South Italy folk tradition” by Le Bringanti Salentine were held.




Sunday, November 15, has seen a rich agenda of events, starting from Gianni Rodari Fairy Tales Reading by ADIS, in the morning, and Giro d’Italia, the Meaning of Cycling today in China following. In the afternoon was held the seminar “Creativity and Improvisation in the Kitchen”, a conference by Andrea Baldini, Professor at Esthetics at Nanjing University, in collaboration with Lucky Lasagna Chef. Afterwards, a Fencing Training by Shanghai Accademia, Giacomo Fanizza, and a Fencing Show by Istituto Marangoni were held. Finally, a Wine Masterclass about Prosecco was organized by The Wine Guy with CICC Members.

Between the 16th and the 19th a series of masterclasses was held. On Monday 16, a masterclass about coffee by Costa d’Oro was held at Sinan Mansions. On the same day, a presentation about UNESCO Sites Sardinia Region, Arte Laguna Prize Presentation and the Semi-Finals of the Italian Cocktail Competition 2020 were held.




On Tuesday 17 two masterclasses have been organized at Casa Giulio: Masterclass & Cooking Class about Tiramisù by Dolci del Borgo and Masterclass & Cooking Class about Ice cream.

Other two masterclasseses have been held on the 18th at Casa Giulio, the first one about Italian Pizza, by Mammamia!, the second one about EVO, by Olieria Fratelli Manenti. In addition, "Eat Drink & love sport like in Lombardy", a Cena Bergamasca, was held in the late evening at Frasca.

Finally, “A Journey through the UNESCO heritage Sites of the North of Italy”, a Wine Masterclass, was held on the 19th of November by Gustitalia and Foodyi at Italo.


The Italian Week ended on Friday 20 with the Finals and Awarding Ceremony of the Italian Cocktail Competition 2020. In the framework of the Italian week, the First Italian Cocktail Competition was held in order to engage the bartender community of Shanghai and the Chinese cocktail lovers stressing on the authenticity of two Italian classic cocktails famous worldwide: Spritz and Negroni, plus a new creative cocktail inspired by an Italian UNESCO site.




The CICC would like to express great appreciations to the sponsors, companies, participants and supporters involved in this event. The Italian Week has been a great opportunity for the Italian, but also the local, community to participate to several events and activities in Shanghai. 

See you at our next events!

Photos of the event are available at the following links:

Kind Regards, 

CICC Team.

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