Breakfast Seminar: "A look at China digital world: mastering Chinese social media platforms for your business" - September 25th, Beijing

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The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to invite you to the Breakfast Seminar on September 25th focused on

A look at China digital world: mastering Chinese social media platforms for your business

China contains about 20% of the world's population and in recent years it has been witnessing an increase in consumers’ spending power. Following this trend, the scope of foreign-owned enterprises has been re-oriented towards having a presence in the internal Chinese market. Digital strategies have become essential – yet ever-changing - to expand the consumer’s base.

It is therefore pivotal for foreign businesses to keep up to date with the local digital landscape.

The CICC would like to provide a guidance workshop to focus on some of the most useful platforms – and a few new ones - to promote your business and increase your consumer base.

This seminar is suitable for businesses in the service and retail sectors. 


Time: 8:45-10:30


8:45 Registration

9:00 - 10.00 Seminar

10.00 - 10.30 Q&A


Venue: CICC’s Beijing Office

3-2-21 Sanlitun Diplomatic Residence Compound, Gongtibeilu No.1 Chaoyang District, Beijing 100600, P.R.C.

北京市朝阳区工人体育场北路1号三里屯外交公寓3号楼2单元021号公寓 - 100600



CICC Members 150 RMB/PAX
CICC Non-Members 250 RMB/PAX

RSVP: To participate please register at the following link or scan the QR code below.



The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to invite Angela Tabak, co-founder and COO of WebshopinChina, to share her insights on the China digital environment, as well as related opportunities and challenges for foreign companies.

About the speaker: Angela Tabak - "China eCommerce and digital marketing specialist with a strong desire to formulate successful strategies for companies to grow in the China eCommerce space. Next to that I'm passionate about building a community around eCommerce in China and making valuable connections, so come and talk to me! 

Having both built an eCommerce company as well as a tech company in China, I know what it takes to succeed in this fast-paced economy. I am happy to help you succeed in China too". 

Angela Tabak will discuss the following topics:

  • Key tactics to leverage WeChat, Douyin and Weibo for your business 
  • How to leverage ‘private traffic’ for your business
  • A look to the future: growing apps worth considering


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