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23 Luglio 2019

Cari Soci e cari Amici della CCIC,

La Camera di Commercio Italiana in Cina organizza insieme ad Assolombarda la presentazione dei risultati del CICC Business Survey 2019 il giorno 23 Luglio presso la sede Assolombarda, Via Pantano 9 Milano.

L’evento è supportato dalla Fondazione Italia Cina, dalla Camera di Commercio Italo-Cinese, e da AICE.

26 Agosto 2019


Dear Members and Friends,

18 Settembre 2019

Dear Members and Friends,

the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to invite you to attend the Aviation Expo China 2019 (18th Expo) which will be held in China National Convention Center-CNCC in Beijing from Sept. 18th to 20th, 2019, highlighting China's achievements in the aerospace and aviation industry. During the Exhibition, all the exhibitors from CICC Aviation and Aerospace Working Group (AAWG) will gather at the CICC PAVILLON.

29 Novembre 2007

Organizzatore: China Alcoholic Drinks Association (CADA)
Descrizione: Co-organized by China Alcoholic Drinks Association and China Wine & Spirits Distribution Bureau of Ministry of Commerce, China International Alcoholic Drinks EXPO 2007 (CIADE2007) will offer you the opportunity to promote your brand, meet with the importers, wholesalers, merchants, agents, restaurateurs, retailers, supermarkets, chain stores, in fact everyone whose work brings them in direct contact with wine and spirits.

29 Novembre 2007
In the framework of the project Italian Applications ( the China- Italy Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with SEPA (State Environmental Protection Administration) – FECO (Foreign Economic Cooperation Office) is glad to invite you to the workshop:
"Italian Transfer: Four Proposals for the Environment"
27 Novembre 2007

AN KE HERE SO: Storie di microcredito in Burkina Faso

Mariam, Angelina e Aminata a Bobo Dioulasso, Kadi a Banfora, Fatimata a Mangodara...

27 Novembre 2007

Organizzatori: China Committee of Science and Technology Industry, Ministry of Transportation, The People`s Government of Shanghai
Descrizione: Computer systems, software, consultancy, environment protection equipment and facility, port equipment, ship design and repairment

Telefono: 0086-21-62582582 - Ext 6322
Fax: 0086-21-64721270

27 Novembre 2007

Organizzatore: State environmental protection administration
Descrizione: Environmental protection, DESOX DENOX equipment

Telefono: 0086-10-51811371/72/73/74
Fax: 0086-10-51811370

26 Novembre 2007

Organizzatore: Shanghai International Exhibition Co. Ltd (SIEC)
Descrizione: Camera, film and storage devices, developing and enlarging equipment, home entertainment equipment

Telefono: 0086-21-62792828
Fax: 0086-21-65455124

23 Novembre 2007
The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce and The Landmark Hotel Shenzhen are pleased to invite you to: "Piadina and Focaccia Party".

Entrance is RMB 100 for members and RMB 130 for non Members. The price is inclusive of free flow of piadina, focaccia, beer and soft drink.
23 Novembre 2007

Organizzatori: CCPIT Guangdong Branch, The People`s Government of Shantou City, HK Chamber of Commerce for Food
Descrizione: Food, meat, seafood, wine, tea, local food, packaging and printing machine

Telefono: 0086-0754-8366121
Fax: 0086-0754-8366121

21 Novembre 2007

Organizzatore: Sinostar International LTD
Descrizione: Surface finishing technologies, engineering, designing, apparatus and services

Telefono: 86-21-5877 7680
Fax: 86-21-5877 7685

21 Novembre 2007

Organizzatore: Sinostar International LTD
Descrizione: Coating,ink, chemicals, material and packaging machinery

Telefono: 0086-21-5877 7680
Fax: 0086-21-5877 7685



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