POST EVENT - Breakfast Seminar 'A look at China digital world: mastering social media platforms for your business' - Sept. 25th

Dear Members and Friends,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to announce that the Breakfast Seminar focused on “A look at China digital world: mastering the Chinese social media platforms” was successfully held on September 25th, in Beijing.

Angela Tabak, co-founder and COO of WebshopinChina, shared her expertise on how to leverage social media platforms, focusing on WeChat, Red (XHS/Little Red Book), Douyin, other smaller platforms and private traffic. Chinese social media are a driving force for cross-border e-commerce and some of their crucial characteristics are often not fully exploited by companies. For each of these apps, Angela Tabak gave an introductory overview and explained key features useful in business expansion, for example WeChat miniprograms, account options, ads and KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) engagement; XHS tactics of search and of comments writing; Douyin ads and business tactics; and the emerging expansion of private traffic, like WeChat groups.  Since the Chinese Social ecosystem is changing at a very fast pace, brands need to learn constantly how to effectively use social networks, so that they can spread their marketing efforts wisely on different apps.

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the speaker and all the participants who joined the event.

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