“Stress releasing and management of emotions” , Beijing 13th April 2019

Dear Members and Friends of CICC,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to invite you to the “Stress releasing and management of emotions” Event, that will take place on 13th of April at Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, No.6, Songzhuyuan North Lane, Dongcheng District, Beijing (丝绸之路国际总商会北京代表处北京市东城区嵩祝院北巷6号).


Modern metropolitan life leads to accumulation of stress and psychophysical tensions. People are no longer able to find the right balance and manage emotions. But the solution to this discomfort is simpler than one might think. Few people know that martial arts traditions contain exercises that can free us from stress and educate us to control emotions. You do not need to become an expert fighter, just select some exercises useful for our purpose.

Mauro A. D'Angelo, Master of Kung Fu and Nei Gong, dedicated his entire life to research in the secrets of martial arts and ancient theories.

On April 13th, we will take advantage of the presence of Maestro D'Angelo in Beijing, to understand the link between the muscles, the nervous system and our emotions.

In 3 hours of seminar we will study the theoretical and technical aspects to master a simple exercise but with great beneficial effects.



8:45 Registration

9.00-10.15 Seminar

10.15-12.00 Practice

Theoretical Introduction:

  • Martial arts theory and management of critical situations
  • How to restore the natural anti-stress defense system
  • Management of thoughts and control of emotions

Practice Part:

  • Study of Stress Releasing techniques
  • Control of thought through movement

Goals of the seminar:

  • Eliminate physical and mental tensions
  • Solving emotional blocks
  • Eliminate chronic muscle pain in the body


Master D'Angelo

For almost 30 years the Master D'Angelo dedicates his life exclusively to research, practice and teach techniques for Body and Mind development (Kung Fu, Qi Gong, meditation and Yoga).

He traveled all over the world to study directly with the Masters of past generations, he refined his technique and understood more deeply the concept of mindfulness. The result of his research led to the DECODE. The Decode deals with the teaching of martial arts as a means of developing human potential. He holds courses for martial arts specialists in Europe and China, as well as for people interested in acquiring new tools for everyday life.  Today he lives in China where he has opened a new place in his organization, but periodically he goes to Europe to follow the students and the schools.


For registration please rsvp: bj.rsvp@cameraitacina.com


For more information please send an email to:  bj.events@cameraitacina.com


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