Candidates Election CICC FBWG 2023-2025

06 Dicembre 2023

Dear Members and Friends,

We are glad to announce the candidates for the positions of Coordinator and Vice-Coordinator(s) of the Food & Beverage Working Group (FBWG):


  • One (1) Coordinator 

One candidate: Cristiano Bernardi, F5 founder&CEO


  • Two (2) Vice Coordinators in the District of Shanghai (East China) 

Two Candidates:

1. Cristina Corsini, CEO of Good Italy Group

2. Kami Jiang, Managing Director, AAC WINE


  • One (1) Vice Coordinator in the District of Beijing (North China) 

One candidate: Daniele Salvo, Bottega Restaurant General Manager and Co-Founder


  • One (1) Vice Coordinator in the District of Chengdu (Southwest China)

One candidate: Nicola Sangiovanni, Ovanni F&B & Luna Rossa Founder


  • One (1) Vice Coordinator in the District of Guangzhou (South China)

One candidate: Riccardo Bernasconi, South China Area Manager, Amore Fine Wine爱醇贸易(上海)有限公司


The Working Group elections will be held on the 15th of December 2023 at 4:00 PM (Beijing time).



We invite all members to vote by sending your preference by email to, before December 14th.

Click here to sign up for the meeting.

Please be aware that the Working Groups meetings are only open to CICC Members.

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CICC Working Groups

The Working Groups bring together representatives of companies operating in the same sector or located in the same geographical area. The aim is to share information, resources and ideas, organize relevant activities for the companies, and build sectorial expertise within the CICC in order to attract interest both in China and in Italy to benefit companies not present on Chinese territory yet. 


About Food & Beverage Working Group (FBWG)

The F&BWG includes all the companies working in the F&B/Ho.Re.Ca, such as F&B producers, companies importing Italian F&B products to China, Italian restaurants, etc.

Despite being one of the most fragmented and challenged sectors, F&B represents an incredible opportunity for Italian companies.

This is why the CICC has decided to establish a dedicated working group.

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