Handbook for Elective General Assembly on May 5th

11 Aprile 2017

Dear Members,


Referring to the Elective General Assembly on May 5th 2017, please find the Handbook for Elective General Assembly here below.


1 - When and Where

The Elective General Assembly will take place on May 5th, 9 am at the Italian Institute of Culture, Embassy of Italy, 2 Sanlitun Dong Er Jie (北京市朝阳区三里屯东二街2号).

Registration starts at 8:30, ballot procedures should take 2-3 hours.


2 - What Are We Voting For?

The members of the Chamber will vote to elect the President of the Chamber and one Director (Board Member) based in Guangzhou.


3 - Who Can Run For Election?

1. Any designated representative of a corporate supporting member or any individual supporting member is eligible to nominate him/herself for election to the position of President.

Please note that the President is the legal representative of the Chamber and will have all legal responsibilities connected with such position. Also, while any of the eligible members (see point 4 below) may stand for election, the position will often require frequent presence in Beijing to attend institutional duties and attend the administrative duties of the Chamber.

2. Guangzhou Board Member (1 position) – Any designated representative of a corporate supporting member or any individual supporting member with effective residence in Guangzhou / Guangdong province is eligible to nominate themselves for election to the position of Guangzhou Board Member.

Please note that "effective residence" means that the Chinese residence permit issued in Guangzhou / Guangdong will be only one of the criteria that will be taken into account to confirm that the candidate actually resides in Guangzhou / Guangdong and is an active member of the Italian business community.


Notes: It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that the position with the Chamber is compatible with the terms of employment and policies with his/her employer (including possible restrictions to outside appointments or directorships). The Chamber does not provide any management’s or director’s liability insurance. Also, the Chamber does not reimburse any travel / lodging or other expenses of any of the Board Members (including the President) or Probiviri.

Any current Board Member or Probiviro who would like to stand for election for any of the available positions shall first resign from his/her current position. In such circumstance,  additional position(s) will be open for the election by the members of the Chamber. To streamline the procedure, upon confirmation of the new position(s) to be covered (if any) on April 24th, the elections will be unified and the Elective General Assembly shall be postponed at the first available Monday or Friday after May 8th (to allow candidates to put forward their name exclusively for the new available position).


4 - How Can I Run For Election?

Candidates may put forward their names for election until 12 (noon) of Friday April 21st. Please remember that a candidate may run for only one position (candidatures to more than one position will be rejected for all positions).

To present the candidature you will need to fill in the Candidature Form and send it here together with a short bio / manifesto by 12 (noon) of Friday April 21st, 2017.


5 - Who Can Vote?

1. Designated representatives from a corporate member based in China;

For the sake of clarity please also note that only foreign invested enterprise or representative office or branches of foreign entities (or nationals) are allowed to become corporate members of the Chamber (Chinese nationals who are designated representatives of non-Chinese corporate members may be elected).

2. Individual members residing in China. For the sake of clarity please note that Chinese nationals are not allowed to become individual members of the Chamber.


6 - Who Can Attend the Elective General Assembly?

All members have the right to attend and take part at the proceedings of the Elective General Assembly.

In order to organize the venue and refreshments, if you plan to attend please register here by 6 pm of May 4th. However please note that prior registration is not a condition to attend the Elective General Assembly - we encourage all members to take part and vote but please register so we can serve you better.


7 - How can I vote?

Each member eligible to vote may vote to elect the President and one Guangzhou Board Member (and may also be asked to vote for a position vacated by a current Board Member or Probiviro resigning to become a candidate).

There are three ways to vote:

a) In person by secret ballot at the General Assembly;

b) Throughout e-Vote on the CICC Website, from 9 am of May 1st to 6 pm of May 4th 6 pm, 2017 (subject to change in the event of additional positions to be voted for);

c) Assigning a proxy - use the official proxy form to delegate someone to vote on your behalf. Please fill in the official proxy form and send a scanned copy here by May 4th 6 pm (subject to change in the event of additional positions to be voted for).

Note: Each Member may not receive more than three (3) proxies. No proxy is available for e-Vote. No sub-proxy is allowed. Proxies received after the deadline or in a format different from the official proxy form will not be accepted.


8 - Further Questions

Please refer to the news with Elections General Rules on CICC website here and to the Articles of Association of the Chamber here.

The Secretary General is the receiving officer for the election.  All election related communication should be addressed to the Secretary General.



Click here to download the Handbook for Elective General Assembly.


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