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31 Ottobre 2017

We are glad to share another great, new deal available within the CICC Platform FROM MEMBERS TO MEMBERS, a free promotional platform to boost awareness and push sales of products and services provided by its Members.


Bucciano Wine&Dine Restaurant is glad to offer:


- Bucciano Wines and Olive Oil Offer 意大利葡萄酒橄榄油搭配组合大减价

- 30% off for dinner in the restaurant for CICC Members 中国意大利商会会员晚餐享7折优惠.

About Bucciano Wine&Dine Restaurant

BuccianoWine & Dine Market is not your average restaurant, we aim to provide the most authentic Italian cuisine in Chengdu, Sichuan. Bucciano Wine&Dine is a wine bar on the first floor and a full restaurant on the second; Bucciano is also a market, where customers are able to buy imported products and ready to eat meals at really convinient prices.

Since 2012, Chengdu is growing and developing as a city and the people’s appetite is also changing, accepting more foreign flavors. Alessio Bianchi saw that there is a potential for quality Italian food to enter the market.

Our motto is “From the Heart of Tuscany to the tastebuds of Chengdu”.





Bucciano's Products

Tuscany is one of the most romantic and culturally vibrant wine regions in the world. After all, it was in Florence that the Renaissance was born and the place is still a haven for all sorts of artisans, from the sculptor to the winemaker. Tuscany is, without doubt, one of those wine regions that give some of the most important reds in the World. Tuscany is packed with endless villages and hill towns that seem untouched by time. One of this village is Bucciano, in the heart of Tuscany.

We carefully selected the best Sangiovese grapes and created Bucciano Wine, whose label is "The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne" by Annibale Carracci.All the process from grapes cultivation to wine production and storage is handled by the local small wine cellar according to their ancient genuine tradition. The result is 100% natural wine of fine quality.

Tuscan olive oil and Tuscan bread (saltless) have always formed the staff of life in Tuscany and continue to this day to be major and essential components of the Tuscan diet. Olive oil is used both "raw" as a condiment on bread, salads, tomatoes etc and extensively in cooking. In contrast, use of butter is very limited in Tuscan cuisine. The Tuscan olive oil of choice is "extra virgin" - extra virgin - the highest possible quality olive oil, with free fatty acid content below 0.3%. Olive oils differ in quality, smoke point, colour, flavor, and aroma. Each type of olive oil has its own purpose. One of the best ways of appreciating Bucciano olive oils is on the classic «bruschetta» (a slice of lightly grilled Tuscan bread), or «in pinzimonio»(dip of fresh vegetables). It is ideal also served as a dressing for salads, or with soups, tasty fish dishes, and grilled meats. Using extra virgin olive oil every day in the kitchen certainly improves and enhances the flavor of any food, but it is also a proven way of contributing to the health of your family and guests.
From today, you can receive the best of Tuscany at the most convenient price!

托斯卡纳大区位于意大利的中部,它西接第勒尼安海 (Tyrrhenian Sea), 东部以亚平宁山脉为世,它就像一个角形插在意大利中心。


托斯卡纳是世界上最引人瞩目的葡萄酒产区之一。它不仅拥着统治沛灿烂底艳阳 ,优美的田园风光、起伏的山丘、还充满了世袭贵族气质、精英阶层荟萃的绚烂文化。在这一片浪漫的酒乡位于Bucciano庄园


Bucciano 红酒,对于葡萄酒的每一个细节都有考究: 葡萄酒产地,品种,采摘时间,酿造的酒窖,年份,酿造方法,储存时间, 甚至葡萄产在阳坡还是阴坡, 土壤中粘土与沙土的比例, 某年某地的天气各种小差别都能在最后的口味中带来惊喜,用某一瓶酒配什么菜,什么奶酪都是Bucciano 品味生活, 真真实实意大利生活的重要组成部分。



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Marco Spinelli 

Mobile电话号码: 180 8118 7871


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