Notice of Participation in Social Insurances of Expatriates in China

04 Novembre 2011

Dear Members,

we make reference to the Interim Measures for Social Insurance System Coverage of Foreigners Working within the Territory of China.

We have consulted the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) and we been informed that the expatriate social insurance payment is starting to be collected in the Beijing Municipality according to the following scheme:

  Employer Employee
Pension 20% 8%
Medical 10% 2%+3RMB
On-job-injury 0.3%-2% N/A
Maternity 0.8% N/A
Unemplyment 1% 0.2%


So far no information has been provided in other municipalities/cities, such as Shanghai and Guangzhou.

We remind you that among the five insurances, only Pension, Medical and On-job-injury are currently guaranteed. No more information has been provided on Maternity and Unemployment.

We will keep you posted on the issue.


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