The Objective of the Brand Experience Is to Bring Emotions Alive

20 Dicembre 2022

On December 13th, the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC), together with its Quality Council (QC), held the second session of the new seminar series “Corporate Communication Content”.



The main guest for the second event of the series was Alberto Sanseverino, Head of Creative Publicis Luxe Events, while Andrea Fenn, CEO Adiacent China, acted as moderator. The event focused on the importance and strategic power of brand experience in the China market with an audience of 60 participants, online and offline.

As more and more B2B companies are slowly transitioning to a mixed B2B/B2C approach, the ability to interact with consumers and plan an effective communication strategy has turned into an essential asset for all kinds of enterprises. Recent data suggest that Chinese businesses are becoming real competitors on the international scene, so it is crucial for Italian companies, whether B2B or B2C, to start thinking about how to communicate themselves and their products to their consumers by providing them with a unique brand experience. A good brand experience can increase the audience interest and differentiate the company, enhancing brand recognition and ultimately boosting sales.

Since the younger generations have grown more technologically and sophisticated in their eagerness to discover new ways to express themselves, the way we experience brands has transformed as well in recent years to reflect these changes; brand experience today encompasses both the physical and the online aspect of a consumer’s experience and focuses more on the essence of the product than its look and presentation.

According to Alberto Sanseverino, a successful brand experience is one that allows consumers to experience emotions; for this reason, a company’s communication content must be carefully designed so that consumers become the creators of their stories, no longer spectators but active players. Let the consumers play with the content and give them the tools to share their creations online. The objective is to focus on customization and interactivity in order for the user’s experience to be as memorable and unique as possible, thus differentiating the brand in a way that the customer won’t be able to find anywhere else.

It’s important for manufacturing companies to plan their communication content so as to leverage on these aspects. Understanding their consumers plays a pivotal role in this endeavor, thus it is crucial to focus on data collection in order to properly design unique and personalized content.

All in all, a successful brand experience in China can be obtained not with a single definite strategy but with a combination of a few core principles: blend virtual and physical worlds, generate emotions through technology, use bold designs for bold experiences, generate unexpected reactions, promote sustainable life and empower local communities.

"In a world influenced by digital innovation, the Web3 revolution and the enhancement of artificial intelligence reshape the aesthetic values of communication, the visualization of new worlds, and how we interact with them. The objective of the brand experience is to bring emotions alive." – Alberto Sanseverino, Head of Creative Publicis Luxe Events

We kindly thank our speaker Alberto Sanseverino and moderator Andrea Fenn for their valuable insights. Special thanks also go to FLATMIND Productions for providing the venue.



The 3rd edition of the Corporate Communication Content will focus on “Corporate creative video content” with Carlotta Godio, FLATMIND Video Productions, and it will take place on February 8th 2023.



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