Work Meeting Green Transition Collaboration in Tianjin, May 7

11 Maggio 2024

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) continues a structured dialogue with local institutions and associations in the Municipality of Tianjin to open opportunities in key strategic sectors for its members.

On May 7th, the Energy and Environment Protection Working Group (EEPWG) had a first meeting with the Tianjin Energy Conservation Association and the Tianjin New Energy Association together with the representatives from TJFTZ Administrative Committee.

The group was represented by Teti Maria Licursi Coordinator of the EEPWG, Luigi Fiato, Vice-Coordinator of the EEPWG and Eric Sun, Vice-Coordinator of the EEPWG who met Shi Danyun, Secretary-General of the Tianjin Energy Conservation Association and Shi Xinli, Secretary-General of the Tianjin New Energy Association.

On the occasion, our working group presented the expertise of Member companies in the field of green transition across the whole value chain. The associations provided insights on sectors of development in the field of decarbonization in Tianjin to start a long-term dialogue with our companies.

This was a preparation meeting for the “Tianjin-Italy Business Dialogue on Green Transition” to be held at the end of May in Tianjin.


We invite our members to join the Energy and Environmental Protection Working Group to stay updated with industry-specific opportunities.


About Energy & Environment Protection Working Group (EEPWG)

EEPWG welcomes all Italian companies, entities, and individuals operating within the energy and environmental protection industrial sectors along the relative value chains (upstream, downstream, fossil energy, renewable energy, distribution, consumption, emission/water/waste/soil treatment, energy saving, etc.). EEPWG is an initiative supported by the Embassy of Italy to the PRC and China-Italy Chamber of Commerce. EEPWG aims at representing the active coordination structure of the “Pacchetto Energia/Ambiente” developed by the Embassy of Italy in 2014 and subject to many inter-governmental agreements.


If you are interested in following the development of the energy sector and opportunities, we invite you to join the EEPWG. 

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