Job description: 

The EU SME Centre is now looking for an advocacy manager for its office in Beijing on a fixed contract lasting until 6th July 2019.

The advocacy manager reports directly to the Centre’s director and is in charge of strengthening support actions undertaken by EU businesses operating in China and similar actions undertaken throughout the rest of Asia and the EU. This not only includes the coordination of policy and advocacy papers but the support of European business advocacy as well, which is also to the benefit of European SMEs. Central to this, is the work done with the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China. This will mean leveraging the Chamber’s network to synergise the Centre and the European Chamber’s advocacy-related goals. The advocacy manager will work in the European Chamber’s Beijing offices and has a dotted-line report to the Beijing Chapter’s general manager.


Responsibilities of the advocacy manager: 

  • Developing advocacy strategy and detailed work plans through close consultation with the Delegation of the EU to China. 
  • Managing the Inter-Chambers SME Working Group and providing a coherent, consistent and consolidated ‘voice’ for EU SMEs. 
  • Carrying out policy exchange meetings among chambers of commerce and business support organisations, supporting dialogues with European businesses and attending trade-related conferences.
  • Supporting the Delegation of the EU to China in its EU advocacy work by holding regular meetings. 
  • Planning and carrying out advocacy-based activities according to the requirements of the Delegation of the EU to China. 
  • Supporting the Centre’s other functions such as identification of topics, speakers/experts for training and delegations and distribution of publications. 
  • Supporting the Centre’s management of various projects by making an annual work plan, preparing together a budget and attending the Centre’s meetings. 
  • Supporting promotional efforts of the EU SME Centre.


Specific Activities of the Advocacy Manager:

Activity 1:  Preparation of the advocacy strategy


A detailed strategy will be elaborated in close consultation with the Delegation of the EU to China. 


  1. Creation of Advocacy Task Force Committee
  2. Creation of the Advocacy database
  3. Development of the Advocacy strategy and detailed work plan
Activity 2: Establishment and management of the Inter-Chambers SME Working Group
The Inter-Chambers SME Working Group will:
  • Focus on matters that contribute to European businesses advocacy in China. 
  • Provide a coherent, consistent and consolidated ‘voice’ for the EU SMEs


  1. Organise bimonthly meetings.
  2. Research, preparation and publication of working group position papers.
  3. Development of SME lobbying action plan towards Chinese Government Officials as well as the EU Delegation and Member States.
Activity 3:  Consultation and networking

Consultation and networking will be done through policy meetings among chambers of commerce and business support organisations, seminars and dialogues with European businesses, attendance of trade-related conferences, etc.


  1. Organise bimonthly policy and exchange meetings
  2. The organisation of local European business-led seminar and dialogues on market access issues
  3. Participation in major policy conferences in China
  4. Monthly policy newsletter
  5. Participate in and support organisation of annual meeting on advocacy best practices and successes with organisations in Asia that provide business support
  6. Organise an annual conference/meeting in Europe with policy stakeholders interested in China.
Activity 4: Contributions to EUD led Market Access Teams and EU-led negotiations on trade and investment, as well as to the EU-China Business Summits


Support to the EU Delegation in China for its work on EU advocacy with regular meetings. 


  1. Participate in meetings with Market Access Teams
  2.  Prepare inputs, reports based on requests in support of the EU-China bilateral, the EU-China Investment Agreement and other matters
  3. Collect and summarise all enquires with policy dimension
  4. Summarise and prioritise key business issues ahead of EU-China Business and Political Summits with inputs from EU businesses and EU Business organisations.


Education Background: 

Qualifications and skills


  1. Strong understanding of both the central and provincial Chinese government including its structure, key influencers, and processes for policy development and implementation.
  2. Strong understanding of the requests and needs of European SMEs regarding their business in China.
  3. Solid understanding of the Chinese regulatory and policy environment on both the legislative and enforcement level. 
  4. Strong research skills to help grow an advocacy network database. Communication
  5. Being able to communicate effectively with government officials from both the EU and China. 
  6. Are able to train and present at public events to government-related organisations.
  7. Proficiency in the Chinese language is a strong asset.

Relationship management

  1. Ability to manage relationships with a wide variety of beneficiaries and stakeholders, while working effectively with governmental officials, SME representatives, chambers of commerce, external consultants, business associations and the private sector (investors, banks, etc). 
  2. Able to maintain access to EU SMEs and ensure that EU SMEs are aware of Chinese regulatory and policy opportunities/challenges. 

Project management

  1. Able to manage tasks effectively and deliver results under tight deadlines.
  2. Able to work effectively in a team of international and national experts and manage international and national short-term consultants to obtain results.
  3. Preferred Professional experience
  4. Experience in working with Chinese authorities and the Chinese business regulatory environment is a strong asset. 
  5. Three years of relevant professional experience.
  6. Experience managing people and resources is a distinct asset. 
  7. Project management experience, preferably with EU-financed external technical assistance programmes via a service contract.
  8. Experience in working in China.  
  9. Prior experience in liaising with the relevant counterparts of EU Member States’ public and private business support service providers is also an asset. 

Salary is commensurate with experience 

Availability: ASAP

Company Info: 

The EU SME Centre assists SMEs to establish, develop and maintain commercial activities in the Chinese market—through export and/or investment—by providing support through inter alia the provision of information, advice, training and networking events and acting as a platform facilitating coordination among Member State services and private sector service providers to European SMEs, particularly at the crucial early stages of their market penetration strategy.

The EU SME Centre is operated by a consortium of European Chambers of Commerce, led by the China-Britain Business Council and includes the Benelux, French, Italian and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China and Eurochambres. 

Interested candidates are encouraged to send an application, including cover letter and CV in English, by 14th September 2018 to

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