Prevention Is a Priority When It Comes to EHS

29 Settembre 2021

Dear Members and Friends,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce that the seminar "EHS: Environment, Health and Safety | What Do We Need to Know" was held online and offline at CICC Shanghai Office on September 29th 2021.




Three speakers kicked off the discussion with presentations on various aspects of EHS rules, followed by a question and answer session.

The first speaker, Andrea SorgatoLawyer Zunarelli Studio Legale Associato, focused on the compliance for companies on work safety in China - What's new in the third revision on Work Safety Law. "New Work Safety Law, in force since September 1, 2021, urges all companies operating in China to take into account work safety as a priority of their strategy. How to manage work safety to prevent work accidents? New duties and liabilities both for management and employees within a new pathway to compliance, must be known by business operators, to protect workplace safety and workers' lives and health. During the speech, the audience has been introduced to new, detailed, tasks for those people who are in charge for work safety, together with a strict supervision and punishment apparatus, implemented in the new Work Safety Law, to improve the knowledge of this important topic."

The second speaker, Alessia LaiBusiness Developer Responsabilitas, discussed the work and safety in chinese factories and how prevent the accident and working azard. "In the past, Health, safety and environment were usually not a trend topic, but things are changing quickly, and not only in China. EHS should be something everyone, from the workers till the management, cares about. There is so much we can do and small actions we can take now. Actions like establish a risk assessment and build a strong management system and HSE committee in your facility is the first step to improve your whole operation and protect your workers and company health."

Under the theme “Controlling your Industrial Risks - EHS from an operational perspective”, the third speaker Bruno Lhopiteau, Managing Director of Siveco China, highlighted the complexity of the problem, in particular due to human factors in the specific industrial context of China. He emphasized the need for a prioritized risk management approach with a continuous improvement loop between grassroot workers and top managers. He shared his experience of how to implement such a loop, by combining practical standards and digital “Smart Operation & Maintenance” tools, with many real-life examples of how companies have used this approach to ensure and demonstrate EHS compliance in China.

The event was moderated by Carlo Geremia, Coordinator of Intellectual Property Working Group (IPWG) and Salary Partner at ADVANT Nctm.

The webinar offered the opportunity to learn more about safety the policy that includes the identification and compliance of a company's manufacturing standards, with particular attention to workplace conditions.






We would like to thank all the speakers, the moderator and all the participants who joined the seminar.

We look forward to seeing you all at our next events!


The CICC Team

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