Aviation and Aerospace Working Group (AAWG)


Riccardo Coli
IAN (Italian Aerospace Network)


Angelo Cecchini


Next scheduled meeting: 
Friday, February 2, 2018
WG Specs: 
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About the AAWG:

The AAWG represents the interest of all Italian companies in China working directly or indirectly in the aviation and aerospace sector on a national base. Members of this group will work on defining, updating and taking part into the Working Group Program for increasing their knowledge and market share in the Chinese market.

For more details consult the AAWG brochure.


AAWG Targets:

  • Study and analyze the guidelines and policies of the Chinese central government with reference to the civil aviation, general aviation and aerospace industry;
  • Map and profile all of the Chinese aviation and aerospace players, manufacturers and decision-makers that are shaping the future of the domestic aviation industry;
  • Understand the global and local competition (at both government and private level) in order to profile how the other Countries are catching the opportunities;
  • Create and promote a brand/slogan to present the Italian companies in a unique and original way through a calendar of event and on-the-field activities;
  • Take part into international programs and lobbying activities, such as:
    • “Sino-Italian Program for the Aviation and Aerospace Industry” - launched by the Embassy of Italy;
    • “EU-China Aviation Partnership Program” - launched by EASA, CAAC and European Union Chamber of Commerce.


  • Aviation Expo China 2017, find more details here.



  • Corriere della Sera, "Il bello dell'Italia" 6th May 2017 - download the article here;
  • GA China - dowload the article here
  • Il Sole 24 Ore - download the article here.


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