Member's Benefits

CICC operates daily to offer an excellent range of benefits, and provide quality to its members. Benefits as listed below are exclusively available to its Members.


- Exclusive Agreements


- Insurance companies: tailor-made and discounted prices for foreigners or Chinese nationals at 


#From Members To Members (#FromMToM) is the new CICC promotional campaign to boost awareness and push sales of products and services provided by its Members.

#FromMToM is open to all CICC Members and Friends, uniquely targeting them, and aims at offering every-day new, high-value products and services at exclusive prices.

 Discover more! Click on your preferable section and discover which promotion are already active.






Not there yet?

Contact our offices to get your promotion available now.


#FromMToM is WeChat friendly. CICC will regularly keep you posted about latest promotion available.





- Promotion and Networking


- Useful information for your company


- Supporting Members additionally enjoy:

  • More Promotion
    • Company Logo on CICC homepage
    • Company Logo on CICC e-Newsletter
  • More Services
  • More Engagement with CICC
    • Priority on CICC Call for Services and Sponsorships
    • Eligibility as Coordinator and Vice Coordinator of CICC Working Groups and Chapters


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