Fast-track visa application for CICC members

06 December 2023

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to inform that the Embassy of Italy to the PRC, through the IVAC (Italian Visa Application Centers) services, made available a dedicated fast-track for visa application for CICC Members.

Through the fast-track foreign staff employed by companies Members of the CICC can access a dedicated channel to book an appointment to present the Italian visa application at the IVAC service centers in China.

For information on how to access the fast-track and other facilitations dedicated to CICC Members please contact our offices in your territory:


Beijing Office (North of China)


Chongqing Office (South-West)


Guangzhou Office (South)


Shanghai Office (East of China)


Suzhou Office (Jiangsu area)


Terms and conditions:

a)     This channel is open for CICC Members and “Friends of CICC”.

b)     The applicant still needs to follow the detailed procedures for visa application defined by the relevant Italian authorities.

c)     The applicant should have prepared all required documents for the application before requesting an appointment through the fast-track.

d)     We suggest planning in advance and request the appointment in due time.


For the details of the visa application procedures please refer to the website of the relevant Italian institutions (here).

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