Intellectual Property Working Group (IPWG)


Fabio Giacopello

Senior Partner of HFG Law & Intellectual Property in Shanghai


Carlo Geremia

Senior Counsel of ADVANT Nctm in Shanghai

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In a digital economy where even “the biggest automotive companies in the world will have platforms”, as industry experts predict, and brick-and-mortar businesses are increasingly marginalized, innovation and intellectual property rights are essential assets to any companies that want to strive for growth in this challenging environment.

IPWG is a cross-industry working group encompassing all industries and business sectors with a high density of IP, just as a way of example: automotive, advanced manufacturing, automation, fashion, software development, media and entertainment.

On a regular basis, IPWG works closely with the Italian institutions in China, leading Italian and Chinese companies, the China SME IP Helpdesk, and the EU SME Centre.


What we do

IPWG promotes the sharing of valuable knowledge and best practices regarding IP management and protection, data protection and privacy, among CICC members and friends, promotes the sharing of common grounds for advocacy initiatives and interactions for business development.


Benefits for IPWG members

If you are a professional engaged with innovation and IP, an in-house counsel, compliance officer, or procurement, sales manager, you may very likely be interested in joining IPWG.

IPWG’s  values are inclusiveness and diversity. If you wish to constructively interact with the other CICC members, share valuable IP knowledge and best practices, ask questions, then the “floor is yours!”, as we are used to say.


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