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The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC), in cooperation with its Members, has established eleven Working Groups regarding strategic sectors for Italian companies in China.


The Working Groups bring together representatives of companies operating in the same sector or located in the same geographical area, aimed to share information, resources and ideas; organize relevant activities for the companies; build sectorial expertise within the CICC in order to attract interest both in China and in Italy to benefit companies not present on Chinese territory yet.


At the present moment, the active national Working Groups are:

  • Aviation and Aerospace Working Group (AAWG); 
  • Energy and Environmental Protection Working Group (EEPWG);
  • Food and Beverage Working Group (FBWG);
  • Healthcare Working Group (HCWG); 
  • Italy-China Travel Club (ICTC);
  • Innovation and Disruptive Technologies Working Group (IDTWG);
  • Intellectual Property Working Group (IPWG);
  • Logistic Working Group (LWG);
  • Mechanical Engineering Working Group (MEWG); 
  • Suzhou Chapter (SCH);
  • Sport Working Group (SWG).


The Chamber is in constant touch with its Working Groups thanks to the collaboration with their Coordinators and Vice-Coordinators and on the basis of the Working Group General Rules. Besides, the Chamber also participates and proposes joint activities, including promotions and information ones for companies not yet established in China.


Upon registration or renewal of membership you can indicate your interest to join the Working Groups already active or under construction. For further information, please contact our offices.



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