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25 六月 2024







26 六月 2024

Dear Members, Friends and Partners,


The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is glad to invite you to CICC South China Business Networking that will be held at Shark Restaurant on Wednesday, June 26th, start from 19:00.



An opportunity for dialogue, mutual sharing of information and ideas.

26 六月 2024

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is glad to invite you to the upcoming seminar “UNDERSTANDING THE IMPACT OF CHINA'S NEW COMPANY LAW ON FOREIGN-INVESTED ENTERPRISES”, combined with a company tour to Cheng Chung Design (CCD), the leading hospitality interior design firm in the world. The event is organized by our Member D'Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel with the support of CICC and CCD.

10 六月 2008
The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, together with the French Chamber of Commerce, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the Benelux Chamber of Commerce, is glad to invite every CICC Member to a seminar promoted and offered by Ernst & Young on the 10th of June, on the issue "Risk in Emerging Markets".

The seminar is free of charge for every CICC Member!
30 五月 2008

"I did it, we all can do it... but we can do it better if we share our knowledge and learn from each other".

"Heroes in Action - Histories of Italians doing Business in China" is a new initiative promoted by the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Chapter, with the aim of providing our Members and business partners with a real life insight on the experience of Italian companies investing in China.


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