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Ying Ruohan
Board of Directors, Inter Milan Football Club

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The Sport and Tourism Working Group (STWG), under the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) umbrella, has been established in 2020 merging the Sport Working Group (SWG) and the Italy China Travel Club (ICTC).

This Working Group includes all the companies operating in the sport and tourism sectors, such as the design and engineering studio, sport equipment manufacturers, sport facilities developers, sport-related services companies, operators and promotion agencies, accommodations and service providers and cooperates with Italian private and public tourism sector both in Italy and in China.

The aim is promoting the know-how and the quality of Italian sport companies and products in China and promoting Italy as a travel destination to the Chinese audience.


What we do
The STWG being a Working Group of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Italian Embassy, is the right spokesperson for addressing institutions concerning systemic and operative issues that the professionals may face, as well as opportunities in the Sport and Tourism sectors and sino-italian system, representing an important point of reference to interface the market with institutional support and to analyze and resolve operational or substantial issues.
Its mission is to promote and encourage the development of Italian sport and travel industries in China through organizing events, workshops, seminars, trainings and webinars. The STWG has actively participated and organized multiple events in the past years and it plans to be even more active in the future.


Benefits for WG Members
Visibility during CICC events;
Endorsement and support by the CICC for STWG events;
Access to all events regarding tourism, sport and all related sectors;
Access to a whole network of public and private institutions in Italy;
Access to Italian authorities in China;
Seminars and workshops all around China.

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