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22 七月 2021
The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is pleased to inform that the 2021 World Winter Sports (Beijing...
21 七月 2021
The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to inform you that the CICC Innovation & Technology...
20 七月 2021
La Camera di Commercio Italiana in Cina è lieta di informarvi che dal 12 al 15 luglio2021 si è...
16 七月 2021
The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is pleased to inform that on July 15th our member Piovan...
16 七月 2021
In order to respond to the travel demand between Italy and China, the China-Italy Chamber of...
14 七月 2021
13 七月 2021
The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) is organizing, together with the Embassy of Italy to P.R.C. and the ...
12 七月 2021
The Manufacturing Engineering Working Group (MEWG) of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad ...
09 七月 2021
Today we received a communication from the Chinese Embassy in Italy that the first test (RT-PCR ...
08 七月 2021
In order to facilitate the special testing procedures mandatory to board the July 13th charter...
07 七月 2021
In order to facilitate the test procedures mandatory to board the July 13 charter flight, we are...
05 七月 2021
The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is pleased to inform you that, thanks to the support of Italian...
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    CICC MEWG Business Networking Event | July 21st, Suzhou

    21 七月 2021
    Dear Members and Friends, The Manufacturing Engineering Working Group (MEWG) of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) together with the CICC Suzhou Chapter(SCH) kindly invites you to take part in the 4th Edition of CICC MEWG Business Networking Event. The informal meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 21st, at Cosìcosì Restaurant & Bar in Suzhou (1/F, East Building, No.1 Linglong Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China - 苏州工业园区玲珑街一号生活馆东楼一楼), starting from 7:00 pm. The registration starts at 6:30 pm.   The dinner ticket price to be paid at the door is 258 RMB, which includes buffet and drinks.   For the registration, please click here or scan the QR code on the flyer:     About the MEWG Group: Coordinator: Roberto Saponaro - General Manager, Eutron Kunshan Electronics Technology Co. Ltd Vice-Coordinator: Carlo Nizia - Risk Management UFI FILTERS Antonio Tagliati - Sales & Marketing Manager APAC, ISB Bearing China (SongJiang Shanghai) Co., Ltd   The MEWG represents the interest of all Italian companies in China working directly or indirectly in the sector on a national base. MEWG objectives are: coordinate and promote all Italian members’ needs which are active in many different industries of the Chinese mechanical engineering sector (machinery, automotive, component manufacturers, mechanical engineering …); promote and raise awareness on the size and the importance of the Italian technology in the sector to all institutions in China and Italy that are our natural counterparts, in order to develop business opportunities; coordinate and promote activities and events that boost the visibility and the image of “Technology Made in Italy”; inform all members on the topic Made in China 2025, particularly with regard to risks and opportunities for Italian businesses; become a reference for all mechanical engineering companies within the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC), lobbying private and public institutions active in the Chinese market.   About Suzhou Chapter(SCH): Coordinator:  Flavio Zaghini - General Manager, PIOVAN PLASTICS MACHINERY (SUZHOU) Co. Ltd. Vice-Coordinator:  Gunther Klein - General Manager, EDT Diecasting Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.   Founded in 2006, SCH is open to all manufacturing companies based in Suzhou’s industrial parks. Internally, the SCH has established several "think-tanks" to discuss specific issues such as: human resource management, visas, cost control, procurement, legal issues, tax issues. On these various issues, in agreement with the CCIC, it has developed several seminars and promotional activities. Other achievements and activities: Appreciation Meeting with governmental institution of Suzhou  Meeting with the Customs authorities, Jiangsu Province; Networking events between Italian and Chinese entrepreneurs. Suzhou Chapter meeting: Coordinator and Vice-Coordinator(s) elections   For more information about the MEWG group and the CICC Suzhou Chapter please contact the below email addresses: MEWG  Group:  Suzhou Chapter:   Join us! Not a member yet? Send an email to   Kind Regards, The CICC Team

    中意时尚产业-后疫情时代下的产业发展之路 2021年,7月27日

    27 七月 2021
    亲爱的会员和朋友们, 中国意大利商会很高兴邀请您参加将于2021年7月27日下午3:30到6点在线上及线下举行的研讨会:“中意时尚产业-后疫情时代下的产业发展之路”,届时线上将通过直播形式举行。               简介:  研讨会旨在聚集时尚界的专家,提高人们对时尚的认识,并促进有关大湾地区的讨论,尤其是在后疫情时代。 疫情期间时尚产业发生了哪些变化? 本次活动将与深圳市服装行业协会(SGIA)联合举办,深圳服装行业协会是华南地区一个头部协会,也是深圳时装周的主办方。   演讲人: Arianna SORINI:意大利设计师协会,时尚设计师 & 时尚设计讲师 孙雯:沐兰时尚集团,艺术总监 Alessandro ANTONICELLI: 荟同学校,创意设计与艺术部主任 徐巧芸:MAISON X.U,首席设计师 Emanuele COLOMBO:马兰戈尼时尚设计学院,教学总监 ​​ Program: 3:00 - 3:30    签到 3:30 - 3:40    开幕致辞 3:40  - 4:00   创新力觉醒:新一代的设计师们 4:00  - 4:20   后疫情时代的品牌变革 4:20  - 4:40   革新力危机:为什么创新比以往更艰难 4:40  - 4:50   茶歇 4:50  - 5:10   后疫情时代下品牌的机遇和挑战 5:10  - 5:30   奢侈品消费者战略中的经验 5:30  - 6:00    自由问答环节   ​​ 价格: 免费   注册请扫码:   中国意大利商会团队
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