CICC China-Italy Business Map Now Enriched with New Content

12 January 2023

The China-Italy Business Map, a project of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) with the support of RsA Asia, now becomes even more powerful: in addition to a rich and constantly updated database of Italian, Chinese and foreign companies operating in China, our business map is now enriched with NEW information on the main industrial areas of each province or municipality in the country.


Our Business Map is available through OPEN ACCESS. Click here to explore it.


The China-Italy Business Map is a powerful tool capable of providing a clear snapshot of Italian investments, local and foreign partners of Sistema Italia in the various territories of China, thanks to which companies are able to identify new business opportunities and counterparts and learn more about our membership base

Thanks to our database, updated periodically, companies have the opportunity to search, through special filters, for information on Italian, Chinese and foreign companies, categorized by consular district, province, prefecture, macro sector and sub-sector. Each province is associated with its macroeconomic data, plus contextual information on infrastructures and industrial activities.

The China-Italy Business Map is available through a platform with a modern and intuitive interface, easily accessible from both PC and smartphone.



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