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The Index of Services of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) encourages the establishment of relationships between the Chamber and its customers (Companies, PA) based on transparent and clear standards. The Index describes activities to support the internationalization of the enterprises and Italian territories defining management and delivery principles. Although not exhaustive, the Index gives to the Company and to the Public Administrations a framework of offered services and their costs. The costs in the Index, however, should be considered as average values of reference and they cannot substitute a specific quotation which will be provided at the moment of the service request.


The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC), recognized by the Italian and the Chinese Government as well, is the association that since more than 20 years gathers and represents the Italian business community in China, promoting activities of general interest for the Italian companies system present in this country.
The over 600 members (2014) that join CICC include some of the main Italian industrial groups, small and medium manufacturing or commercial enterprises, banks, service and consulting companies.
Established in 1991 in Beijing, the CICC is present with its own offices in Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Suzhou, and has a total staff of 15 people, Italian and Chinese as well.
For the enterprises already located in China or with already undertaken business activities here, the CICC offers training, information and exchange opportunities among operators and an authoritative representativeness platform regarding common issues. For operators interested in expanding their business in China, the CICC provides support for the localization and promotion of its "Made in Italy". 
The network established over the years and the institutional identity, allowed the CICC to realize many activities to facilitate business affairs among private operators, the organization of government missions, individual or collective participation in international and local fairs, seminars, conferences, workshops with bilateral meetings between Italian and local enterprises, technology meetings, fashion shows, culinary days, tastings, cultural and tourist promotion visits.
A further important step to promote the economic and commercial exchange was recently provided by the establishment of "Friend of CICC" network, which allows local enterprises to join CICC activities and to get in touch with Members making more and more productive the opportunities to meet people and to do business


To achieve our targets, we work together with our Members and with Italian and local enterprises, as well as with all public and private parties operating as organizations to support enterprises internationalization, in particular: Regions, Chambers of Commerce, Industry Associations, Fairs, Consortia, Cooperatives, Business Networks, Industrial Districts, Banks, Economic and Development Ministries, international organizations.


  • To help the customer through free of charge and with charge services, such as first guide information about a single business, specific support, placement and consolidation strategies into foreign market for Italian companies, as well as support for the local ones who want to cooperate with Italian SMEs.
  • To organize match-making events and activities to give to enterprises the chance to meet foreign counterparts to introduce production, technological, business cooperation proposals.
  • To promote and value Italian territory excellences, spreading the peculiarities and the know-how through the realization of companies’ group missions, production districts, abroad, or incoming mission of companies and foreign operators directly in the areas where Italian companies operate.
  • To provide competencies about how to work in the country, through targeted training to single company and/or expert; or through Internship programs in collaboration with the most important Italian and foreign universities.


In order to ensure quality services, we regularly guarantee:

  • competency
  • clearness
  • courtesy
  • privacy
  • impartiality

The delivery of our services is based on:

satisfaction of requests
transparency of procedures


In order to guarantee and to improve the single service performance and to assist better and better our Customers, the Chamber continuously monitors these services and has a customer service satisfaction service accompanied by, in the principle of maximum care of the customer, a complaint system management.


any cost should be considered average value of reference that cannot substitute a specific quotation which will be provided at the moment of the service request
at the moment of quotation, information about possible applicable charges by law to the relative costs will be provided
services are delivered only upon quotation acceptance and upon related down payment, where required, with the exception of public organizations and specific exemptions
note that any service not included in this Index could be required to the Chamber who will study feasibility and conditions.



a.     First market orientation​​

  • Market analysis Country/sector
  • Information brochures on regulations (custom, tax, subsidy)
  • Information about fairs and events

b.    ​Seminar/country presentation



a.     Events

  • gala dinner, networking events
  • corporate events

b.     Communication

  • advertisements on magazines and e-media
  • press-conference, media relationship
  • media campaign (companies, products launch)


identifying and selecting partners/counterparts (importers, distributors, suppliers and strategic partners) with/without meeting agenda
incoming-outgoing missions’ organization: workshop with B2B
fairs participation


  • Interpreting/Translation
  • visa service (BFT)
  • HR service
  • business credit report and registration report
  • logistic assistance

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