Chongqing Traditional Food Meets the Italian Taste Dinner - 18 December

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce together with Sparkle China is organizing the first “Chongqing Traditional Food Meets Italian Taste Dinner”.

The purpose of this event is to melt two different culinary cultures to create a new taste experience: all the participants will enjoy traditional Chongqing food together with the best Italian Wines and sweeties coming from our Members in the South West of China.
This dinner is also an opportunity and a new Marketing Channel for all the foreign Companies that want to promote their own products in a soft way, by linking International food together with the local one.

This time all the participants to “Chongqing Traditional Food Meets Italian Taste Dinner”, will enjoy the December more traditional Chongqing food, the Barbeque Ship, together with High level Italian Wine from Tenute Rubino, and some of the Italian most famous sweets , make by Mimosa, the first Italian Pastry Manufacturer in Chongqing. The dinner will take part inside of an exclusive venue, in a boat on the Yellow River.




When and where:

- 18/12/207, 19:00
Yu Wen Zhi Jia, Nanbing road.

Tickets Price:

Member: 200RMB
Non Member: 280RMB

For more Info or Registration please send an email to:

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