EEPWG Company Visit at FAAM China

18 October 2021

"The factory visit in FAAM successfully gathered together more than 20 companies in the Energy and Environmental Protection Industries. The group had the chance to learn from FAAM best practices, to share business experiences and to develop ideas aimed at generating added shared value within the group community." - Luigi Minervini, EEPWG Coordinator and Chairman of Ansaldo Shanghai


Key issues for our companies were tackled, including the power supply shortages that interest our companies in some areas of China as well as the importance of environmental protection and waste management.



The visit was opened by remarks from Ms Alessandra Palumbo, Commercial Consul of the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai, followed by remarks from Mr Paolo Bazzoni, CICC Chairman. Our Chairman underlined the central role of CICC Working Groups within the Chamber.


Following the discussion, the visit was concluded by a tour of the factory.



Our EEPWG working group welcomes all CICC Member companies in the field and aims at creating value and support to the companies in the network.

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EEPWG welcomes all Italian companies, entities and individuals operating within the energy and environmental protection industrial sectors along the relative value chains (upstream, downstream, fossil energy, renewable energy, distribution, consumption, emission/water/waste/soil treatment, energy saving, etc.).

Main objectives:
To promote Italian industrial /service excellences within the energy/environment protection sectors towards institutions, entities, associations, media, fairs/exhibitions, etc. in China;
To become the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce operative interface for Chinese counterparts (public and private) within the energy/environmental protection sectors;
To foster and communicate towards Italy (entities, institutions, media, etc.) business opportunities in China within the energy/environmental protection sectors for the advantage of Italian companies not yet operating in China beyond the stimulus to Institutions for possible coordinated “system” actions;
To sustain and promote proactive actions for setting up and developing pilot projects aimed at integrating Italian companies for their joint cooperation within the identified pilots projects.


The CICC Team

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