LIVE WEBINAR : Opportunities arising from the Changing F&B Landscape in China: A live expert discussion

12 June 2018

The China Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to invite you to the LIVE WEBINAR Opportunities arising from the Changing F&B Landscape in China: A live expert discussion, organized by TMF Group. The webcast will be available online on Wednesday 13th at 12 am. (Chinese time zone).

The food and beverage (F&B) landscape in China continues to change and evolve, both challenging corporate F&B strategies and creating new opportunities for entry and expansion. The tensions in global trade are creating new opportunities for exporters to China, such as wine exports from Australia and New Zealand, and those seeking to open new F&B ventures in China. However, in grasping those opportunities companies need to be aware of the issues of trading with and in China to avoid potentially costly mistakes. Our panel of experts are here to answer your questions on key issues that are concerning you.  The session will be interactive to ensure that your personal questions can be answered by people who have considerable experience in the following areas:

  • trade mark registration and protection
  • establishing distribution channels and warehousing facilities in China
  • the opportunities and threats of cross-border e-commerce
  • issues specific to operating an F&B business in China
  • licensing your F&B operations in China and applicable restrictions
  • tax and cost benefits of using free trade zones
  • navigating the complexity of bookkeeping of your F&B business in China

Who should attend this webinar?

CEOs, CFOs and other strategic planners

-representing foreign firms already operating in China
-representing foreign firms seeking new entry into China

Strategic planners

-Expansion project managers
-internationalization project managers
-Growth managers
-Operational controllers

Finance, accounting and tax professionals

Legal, compliance and risk managers

About the speakers:

Questions? If you would like to ask any questions related to this subject, please send them in advance to We will try our best to incorporate them into the session.

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