New CICC Subscription Procedure

15 January 2018

Dear Colleagues,


From today on a new operational tool is active at the CICC. Starting from the implementation of the CRM, that will allow members and those interested in the initiatives of the Chamber to communicate with our organization in a more direct and flexible way, you can now proceed to subscribe your CICC account on line.


By clicking on the link you will start your registration by filling the online form. This will allow us to better track your subscription and guide you through the whole membership process. For this reason, the new system will require a new registration to obtain the login credentials and access to your account.


This, like the possibility of subscribing to the various initiatives of the CICC by using the payment through new online channels and mobile applications, is a further step towards the digitalization of the CICC, necessary for a full alignment to this time of rapid technological changes.


In the registration procedure the system will ask to express the approval about the new modified version of the Article of Association. In this regard, find here a letter of the Board of Directors with detailed information on the changes made.


Our online Registration Procedure is a BETA version, so we will be grateful if you could indicate any problems and suggestions in order to be able to offer you a better service.

For any comments please contact us at the following email address:


Thank you and welcome to the digital CICC!


Davide Cucino

CICC Chairman

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