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The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC)  informs you that, the Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair (SZIDF), will be organized from November 28th to November 30th, 2022. The CICC is organizing a company pavilion on the occasion of the Fair, which will be held at the Shenzhen Futian Convention & Exhibition Center (Hall 2).

The 10th edition of the Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair is hosted by the People's Government of Shenzhen Municipality and organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA).



Being the most important exhibition on industrial design in South China, in 2018, SZIDF was awarded UFI international design identification. During the past 9 years, SZIDF has brought 50+ countries and regions; 50,000+ design fine works; 3 million of online and offline professional audiences; 190+ supporting activities; 600+ professional media-focused reports together to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and boost Shenzhen design’s branding as well as its internationalization.



Founded in 1994, Studio Volpi is a global leading partner for strategic projects in the design, engineering, and branding fields with offices in Italy, China and the US. In its 25 years of activity, Studio Volpi has worked with more than 300 brands on nearly 1000 projects in 50 different industries, winning more than 30 awards in the process.

The Studio's approach consists in the simultaneous combination of multiple competences and disciplines: engineering, marketing, communications, and digital technologies working together to develop products, solutions, and future scenarios.

In the quest for uniqueness, design is crucial. Successful products are designed to be experiential right from the start, keeping in mind every key element: the product itself, its handling, the habitat, services, aesthetics, and communication. This is why Studio Volpi starts every project involving the whole interdisciplinary team, client included.




When the world-known, iconic brand of disposable batteries decided to extend its product range into rechargeable power packs, Studio Volpi was asked to explore possible design choices.

The move was inevitable. As society is becoming ever more environmentally conscious, and at the same time is increasingly dependent on mobile devices, the market for charging solutions has kept on a steady growth path and is not likely to slow down any time soon. It comes to no surprise that Duracell, the undisputed world leader in the disposable batteries industry, decided to diversify into the segment of rechargeable power banks.

From a technology, scientific standpoint, Duracell developers knew their subject inside out, of course, but when it came to the look and feel of the new product they decided, wisely, to take a step back. The going trend in the design of power banks, a segment dominated by Asian players, was characterised by mean-looking, sleek and slim devices in shiny metal finishings. Was Duracell to conform to what seemed to be the norm?

In order to form an opinion, they asked Studio Volpi, as an independent design and branding specialist, to explore all the possible design routes, without limitations of any sort in terms of shape and look. Practically a blank slate, with all the time in the world, or nearly. The once-in-a-lifetime, dream job for any designer.



Two doctors from the Milan’s Anticoagulation Centre asked Studio Volpi to come up with a device that would help them make sure their patients kept taking the right pills in the right dosage at the right time, day after day, every day.

Above all, creating a failsafe, precise and reliable device that would dispense the right amount of the right kind of medication at the right time. It also needed to be “connected” for caregivers and doctors, to remotely monitor the patients’ compliance with the therapy. They would also need to be able to modify it at any time, if needed. Moreover, Dvir and Pizzagalli asked for “a medical device that doesn’t look like one”, so patients continue therapy for chronic conditions for long periods of time. Finally, cost was a crucial factor too, because the more people were able to afford the machine, the more lives could be safeguarded.

The machine would get into action some time before medication was due and fill an internal pre-delivery cup with the correct combination of pills and capsules. Once time is up, it would ring an alarm, in fact a quite pleasing chime, and flash a light on the front panel to alert the patient. In turn, the patient would simply need to hit the only button on the front of the dispenser, this to make sure the alarm is heard. The pre-delivery cup would then empty into a diamond shaped tray which would automatically spring out and gracefully present the day-pick to the patient. Failure to respond to the alarm or to pick up the medication within 20 minutes, would trigger an alert to caregivers. The unused load would then be kept in a separate container.



The project goal was to conceive a new device to create tailor-made perfumes: users can activate the machine to mix customized essences, try new fragrances and share them online through a social app.

The challenge was to create a one-of-a-kind product, developing its functions, characteristics, design and interface from scratch.

This is a brand-new invention featuring complexities typical of the sector: chemical substances and their preservation, RFID technology to identify the cartridges and electronic components made to measure.

Every team works on every single step by supporting one another and combining skills, ideas and processes. Together, they bring to life a multi-disciplinary path, consistent along the entire project, to create a product of stunning potential.

The engineering team has put the idea into practice, working side by side with the client, to understand the electronic and mechanical specifications, as well as the software required: during this stage, the digital team has set the bases to develop the digital environment to control the device.

Study of the chemical substances, their use and preservation has become key to product development right from the start, determining the mechanics and design of both the device and the cartridge package.

The user experience has always been the focus of every operation and prototype, to design a product which is accurate, noiseless and winning while extremely user friendly.



TooA’s brand promise is quite enticing, and an ambitious one for the Italian startup from Fabriano: an authentic Italian “gelato” in only 3 minutes, and in the comfort of your own home! But if technically a startup, investors in the company are international household names in the appliances industry. Their expertise and extensive knowledge of both market and technology were instrumental in the success of what constitutes a truly revolutionary innovation in the field.

Studio Volpi’s task was, on one hand, to help TooA deliver on its promise, producing a machine compact enough to sit on a counter, and which would prepare a single serving of artisan-quality Italian style “gelato” in 3 minutes. On the other hand the Studio was also to produce communication materials and design TooA’s showroom and store in Milan.

On the technical side, the technology capable of pulling off the trick had already been acquired by TooA, and the Studio started focusing on engineering it into a compact, attractive design.

The Studio had its engineering and design teams work together on the project, giving each other constant feedback and stimuli. The Studio also made extensive use of VR, especially to have a precise idea of volumes and dimensions in relation to a home interior context.



Baby First is a brand of MAX-INF, a Chinese company specialized in designing and manufacturing baby car seats since 1998. With more than 15 years of experience, this firm is nowadays one of the most important manufacturers in its sector in China.
Baby First wanted to create a smart child seat to keep up with a highly competitive and always more technological market. They asked us to design a concept for a new product in their family line, that had to give a lot of feedback to parents about the right positioning of the car seat, the well-being of the baby, and about the baby presence in the car. All of this while creating a beautiful yet very protective CRS.
Some devices or systems that signal the presence of the baby in the car can be invasive, uncomfortable, and just not very aesthetically pleasing. Studio Volpi took on the challenge to create a product that could be both beautiful and technological, still granting comfort for the baby and reliability for parents.

The Studio's team started the project by looking at it from the child’s point of view: the design of this smart child restraint system is driven by the idea of a protective nest that gently embraces the baby. Studio Volpi took inspiration from furniture that use soft and comfortable shapes to give a cozy and relaxing feel to the product.



Cino’s newest capsule coffee machine makes a perfect addition to any home or hotel environment with its ease of use, durability, and modern appearance all within an affordable budget. Compatible with all standard Nespresso capsules, the quick brewing time of the machine provides a great entry into the world of coffee.



Model X is brand new professional fully automatic coffee machine, it is the ideal solution for offices and restaurants where quality coffee, reliability and contemporary design are paramount.

The new machine incorporates all the know – how, technology and experience of the world leaders in espresso coffee makers. It guarantee each step of coffee preparation is carefully executed.

The high resolution touch screen and the user friendly interface allow a number of selections, flexible and customized recipes management, branding, selling activities and video management. Customized operation experience enabled by three different GUI types for Standard, Professional and Self-service use cases whether in office, hotel, cafe or convenient store. It’s quite easy to choose favorite user interface on the intuitive 10” color touch display and enjoy the customized operation experience.

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