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20 十一月 2023

Over the past few years, the wine market in China has known a steady decrease in all indicators – consumption, imports, and domestic production....

16 十一月 2023

Christmas Lunch in Nanjing, Dec 17th, 2023

09 十一月 2023

Italian Community Christmas Lunch

Notice of Participation in Social Insurances of Expatriates in China
04 十一月 2011

Dear Members,

we make reference to the Interim Measures for Social Insurance System Coverage of Foreigners Working within the Territory of China.

Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou Welcome Cocktail
01 十一月 2011

Dear Members and Friends,


the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to inform you that the Cocktail Party to welcome the new Italian General Consul in Guangzhou took place at Sofitel Sunrich in Guangzhou on Oct. 27th 2011.


Nanjing Working Group (NJWG)
30 九月 2011

Dear Members,

The CICC is pleased to inform you all that on September 15th the Nanjing Working Group (NJWG) hold its first session.

28 九月 2011

亲爱的会员们 ,


我们很荣幸得宣布,我们商会的会长 Franco Cutrupia 昨天在山东省济南市荣获“荣誉公民”的称号,以此殊荣来奖励他为山东省的经济建设和社会发展所作出的杰出贡献。

Ciclo d`incontri presso le Associazioni di Confindustria
22 九月 2011

Si informa che il Responsabile dell`IPR Desk a Pechino terrà una serie di incontri presso le Associazioni, settoriali o territoriali, di Confindustria dal 3 al 10 ottobre.

European Business in China – POSITION PAPER 2011/2012 - Guangzhou
20 九月 2011

Dear Members and Friends,


the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the European Chamber of Commerce in China, is pleased to inform you that the presentation of the Position Paper 2011/2012 took place at The Garden Hotel in Guangzhou on Sept. 13th 2011.

荣誉 - “意大利共和国骑士勋位”
09 九月 2011


我们荣幸地宣布,今年6月2日,我们商会的副会长 Marco Bettin 先生荣获意大利共和国总统 Giorgo Napolitano 颁发的“共和国骑士勋位”,以奖励他在经济和意大利企业的国际化领域所作出的贡献。




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