Design Aesthetics Area to be held in Guangzhou on June

29 五月 2024

Luce design will create the special area with the theme of Design Aesthetics Area in Guangzhou on June 9-11, which is curated by Italian designer Stefano Piontini and Chinese lighting designer Xu Dongliang.


Design Concept:

The connection between China and Italy


The concept design and spatial layout of the exhibition is focused to recreate a forum area, inspired by the iconic Roman Colosseo, re-inventing the arches and the rhythm of the architecture through washi paper and light structure.

The brands area is reimagining the space as a modern version of the Fori Imperiali: the experience blends light with history, from the green carpet of the piazza, the public is directed by eight soft lighted columns, to the main forum area.

The lightweight walls of the theatre, as mentioned made by the use of a light metal structure and washi paper, through which you can faintly see the irregularly arranged metal structures inside, adding an eastern touch to the overall atmosphere, truly crossing the two different cultures.

Unlike the standard forums, the stage is set in the center of the “theatre”, where the visual focus of the audience is gathered, increasing the interaction between the speakers and the audience.

The concept of the area by VSP


The forum area by VSP


The forum area by VSP




Five Design Forums with different topics

With the Light as the key factor, the forums integrates industrial design, interior design, architecture, culture, art, lifestyle to form a deep dialogue with top-tier professionals in term of the topic between light and people, light and space, light and environment, creating the high-end platform  for masters to convene, inspire, and present forward-thinking ideas and trends of design industry.


Speakers of five design forums:

Stefano Pinotini  Partner of VSP Shanghai

Xu Dongliang  Founder of Toryo Lighting Design

Lilian Tian  Founder of WTL Design

Marco montanucci  Design Director of Dariel Studio

Chang Zhigagn  Professor, Central Academy of Fine Arts

Lanzo Joella  Partner of Liquidesign

Chen Chao  Design Director of bpi

Xinqiao Wang Partner of Light Cibles

Paul Guacchione  Senior Associate Senior Design Director of B+H Studio

Tian Huan  Design Director of HDA Design

Chen Kaixuan Design Director of J&A

Yang Yun Director of ECADI

Yang Yuewen Founder of Fill Studio

Zheng Shuang General Manager of Puyuan Culture

Yin Haibo  Artist of Whenart

Wang Xuechen  Dean of ECADI

Zhang Lin  Founder of Light and Space Design

Wang Junhan  Director of Fudan Planning and Architecture Design Institute

Liang Bin Senior Architect

Cheney Chen Senior technical Manager of Helvar



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