Event Recap | Mentorship with Gi Group Holding. Becoming a Manager: Now What?

24 十一月 2022

On November 22nd, the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC), together with its Young Professionals Network (中Y意), held the second session of the Mentorship Program with Gi Group Holding on Career Development for China.

This second appointment focused on Leadership Development for Young Managers: Human Leadership and Organizational Skills. 

This time, our Mentor, Daniele Merlerati, Regional Head at Gi Group Holding, analyzed the concept of "manage and lead", authority, human leadership, and organizational skills. 

The Mentorship was opened by Ilaria Massa, Head of HR APAC at Eni and CICC Board Member in Shanghai.

To begin with, Mr Merlerati talked about the role of a manager focusing on responsibilities and skills. The manager is the face of the company with double duty. He deals with superiors and manages the team. Managing a team takes work. Merlerati's advice is to listen to the team, understand the working environment, understand what the team is doing, and then help them to do better.

Remember, "To become a good manager, you need experience," Daniele Merlerati, Regional Head at Gi Group Holding.

He addressed then that there are two different ideas on the concept of authority. One is the authority you acquired from your superiors when becoming a manager; the second is the authority you have on your team. He stressed the importance that no matter how much authority you use on your team if you exercise power but not giving anything in exchange, people will not follow you.

"Use authority but not abuse."

Merlerati analyzed the difference between a manager and a leader. To become a leader, you need to be a manager first. The leader leads and helps the team grow. The manager can become a leader, but he needs to have solid content and competencies. The leader is an evolution of the manager.

"The leader leads; if you want them to be the best, you need to be the best; you must show them how to grow. This is a leader."

In the latest year, the concept of leadership has been changing. Today the working environment is more complex than before, and the idea of human leadership is developing fast.

Merlerati's advice is to be kind but also thoughtful. Don't be afraid to celebrate small victories with your team.

"As a manager, you have a big responsibility. Remember to consider your role and do not underestimate it. But remember that at the end, someone needs to decide."

In conclusion, he analyzed the importance of giving feedback and the organizational skills a manager needs to acquire, remembering that many skills will come with the experience. 

Don't miss our third session on January 17th about Sector of Interest and Skills Building for Young Professionals.

For more information about the Mentorship and how to participate, please email us at bj.events@cameraitacina.com.



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