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01 三月 2023

Dear Members,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is pleased to inform you that on March 1st, 2023 we launched a survey on the health of Italian companies in China.

This is the fourth issue of our investigation aimed at monitoring the performance of Italian companies operating in the Chinese market, their "health" and their business sentiment in the short and medium term.

Through the survey, we will continue to closely monitor the situation to evaluate any actions to support our companies. It is also essential for us to evaluate the positioning of our companies in the Chinese market after a year of resilience, also highlighting the strategic directions of the companies for the future.

The findings of the survey will be shared and disseminated during business advocacy initiatives both in China and Italy, through concrete collaborations with trade associations.

The survey will be open for members to fill out from March 1st until March 13th 2023 and it takes only 10 minutes to complete. The survey is divided into 3 sections: a first section aimed at receiving an overview of the Italian company operating in China; a second section aimed at understanding the current state of the company, with a focus on financial performance and on the situation of the logistics and supply chain; a third and final section focused on the perception of the business trend both of one's own company and of the sector in which it operates, touching on important aspects such as the investment plan, human resources as well as the current advantages and challenges for those who operate in the Chinese market.

Don't miss this chance to give your company a voice through the report that we will publish at the end of March.


On March 1st, all CCIC members received an e-mail sent from via the Survey Monkey platform. Inside they will find a link to the survey. All information received from members will remain strictly confidential. If you have any technical problems completing the survey, please contact us at

We thank you for your cooperation.



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