Let's Get to Know the Companies Taking Part in CIIF 2022, Part 1

31 八月 2022

After the success of the 2020 edition, and a hiatus because of COVID in 2021, this year Italy returns to the CIIF 2022 with an Italian Pavilion of 1,300 square meters and over 50 companies, which will showcase their innovative and advanced technologies and their new products to the Chinese public.

The Italian Pavilion is organized by ITA - Italian Trade Agency and the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Embassy of Italy to the P.R.C. and the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai.

In conjunction with CIIF 2022, we will also organize the Second Week of Italian Mechanical Engineering in China (WIMEC), an important opportunity to spread the technological image and the leading role of Italy in the sector.

As a world leader in the mechanical engineering sector, Italy is a supplier of technology and machines to the world's major industrial powers. 50% of Italy's total exports to China come from mechanical and engineering technology.

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In these weekly posts, we will get to know more closely the 52 Italian companies participating in the 2022 edition of the China International Industry Fair.

Below is the first group of 10 companies:




Booth location: 1.1 H - D002 - G9H8

Ariston Group is an international supplier of heating and hot water systems and services, based in the northern Italian city of Fabriano. Since 1904, when the first Ariston gas-fired water heater was introduced in Italy, Ariston Thermal Group has been committed to quality and safety, combining innovative technology, energy efficiency and stylish design to provide a full range of heating and hot water products from domestic to commercial use for international customers, dedicated to providing consumers with comfort and low energy consumption.

The Ariston Group has 25 automated manufacturing sites in 16 countries, 26 R&D centres in 15 countries, 70 branches and 6 representative offices in 42 countries, sales in over 150 countries and hundreds of millions of customers using and experiencing Ariston products every day. The Group's three divisions cover thermal products, burners and system components. The thermal products include domestic and commercial gas heating and hot water furnaces, electric water heaters, gas water heaters, air energy heaters, solar systems, heating systems and other full range of thermal products and services.






Booth location: 1.1 H - D001 - C4

Founded in 1952, Casappa is an Italian family owned company which designs, manufactures and sales the main parts of hydraulic system. Casappa Shanghai was established in 2007 and located in Kangqiao Industrial area with a factory of 9,000 sqm. We offer a wide range of alluminium and cast iron gear pumps and motors, flow dividers, variable displacements axial piston pumps, electronic controls, filters. We also develop customized solutions in close collaboration with our customers. Today, Casappa Shanghai has been awarded with the Platinum Supplier Honor by Caterpillar for 5 consecutive years and one of the top excellent suppliers of Sany Truck Cranes.

The representative product of the "Casappa Energy Saving" series-the electro-hydraulic fan drive is a high-performance cooling system. Compared with the traditional solutions, Casappa hydraulic gear motors for operating cooling fans are one concrete example of integrating hydraulics and electronics. with the advantages of optimized dimensions, high efficiency, improved cooling mode and emission reduction. In the background of China's “environmental protection storm”, Casappa's  Electro-Hydraulic Fan Drive System is to meet these challenges. Even in the context of China's "environmental protection storm", Casepar's electronically controlled hydraulic fan system can meet these challenges and help the development of China's construction machinery industry.

Websitewww.casappa.cn /  www.casappa.com





Booth location: 1.1 H - D002 - F2

ECM-Ente Certificazione Macchine was founded in 1998 in Savignano sul Panaro (MO) Italy. Attention to the international context has led ECM to expand its presence globally, through the creation of a dense network of commercial partnerships in China, South Korea, Japan, the United States, and South America. In February 2017 ECM, formerly Notified Body for 6 European Product Directives, obtained accreditation from the Ministry of Health to issue the CE certification pursuant to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EC. In addition, it is qualified as a body for the certification of Quality Management Systems in accordance with ISO 13485 standard.

In the new headquarters of ECM for Medical Devices, inaugurated in July 2020 ECM is getting ready for the implementation of the incoming Medical Device Regulation EU 2017/725, as one of the very restricted clubs of European Notified Bodies with MDR accreditation. ECM provides One Stop Service for the client on lithium battery, with necessary test reports and documents. Supports clients entering EU market smoothly.






Booth location: 1.1 H - D002 - E2

Founded in 1974, the FAAM Company has headquarter in Monterubbiano, a scenic town on the east coast of central Italy. As a battery manufacturer, the FAAM Company has its own plants in Italy and China. Its industrial batteries are widely used in electric forklifts, golf carts, electric vehicles and UPS systems, alarm systems, etc. around the world.

The FAAM Company is the first company in the European battery industry to receive the European Environmental Standard EMAS certification. FAAM batteries have been favored by users in Europe for their "high reliability, high efficiency, high capacity, long life" product quality and "on-call" service quality within 23 hours.

In 2006, FAAM Group invested a total of 7 million euros and established Faam Industrial Battery Co., Ltd. in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. The company uses advanced equipment from Europe. Moreover, the raw materials used will also follow European production standards, and some key components will be imported from Europe. In order to guarantee the quality of its products in China, FAAM has established strict quality control.






Booth location: 1.1 H - D002 - E3

Founded in 1975 for the manufacturing of machines for the production of disposable diapers for children, Fameccanica has experienced continuous growth not only in the organization and infrastructures (to date it has 3 production sites in the world: Italy, USA and China), but also in the business which, from the first diaper machines, through the machines for women sanitary napkin and those for incontinence products, comes to affirm the skills of Fameccanica also in the development of Digital Apps and in robotics worldwide.

Fameccanica has always distinguished itself as an Italian manufacturing company in the world for its ability to design new innovative solutions through a wise use of technology. With more than 200 engineers, over 600 recognized patents, more than 1200 machines delivered and a team of highly specialized technicians, Fameccanica accepts the technical challenges of a constantly changing market while remaining highly competitive in its traditional sector and becoming a point of reference also for large multinationals and for the development of new innovative projects.

Factors that have proven to be most relevant for coping with the state of emergency COVID19 to which Fameccanica contributed last May, by signing a special agreement with the Italian Civil Protection for the design, production and installation of the 25 fastest surgical mask production lines in the world.






Booth location: 1.1 H - D002 - G8H7

ISB Industries with its over 40 years of experience, is a leading service provider in the mechanical field. Thanks to the 3 divisions ISB can provide the widest range of products for different sectors, becoming a point of reference for the rotary products (bearings, pillow blocks, bushes and deals), Linear Systems (linear guide and ball screw) and now also in the Power Transmission elements (belts, coupling).






Booth location: 1.1 H - D002 - G6H5

Marposs Group from Italy, was established in Bologna(north of Italy) in 1952, founded by Mr. Mario Possati. After 70 years of development, today’s Marposs, as a leading global supplier of precision metrology equipment, can provide a great wide range of measurement solutions applied in quality control of production environment.

Building on these foundations, Marposs has created an international organization with approx. 3500 direct employees, which is able to deliver application and service support virtually anywhere in the world.






Booth location: 1.1 H - D002 - E4

Virtuarch is a Swiss Company specialized in high-quality projects in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design and Project Management. With a multi-cultural team of around 100 experienced architects, designers, engineers and project managers in Switzerland, China and Thailand offices. Virtuarch has a track record of nearly 20 years and over 500 successful projects completed in China and other Asian countries. Industrial buildings, R&D facilities, offices and office buildings, educational facilities, and corporate/commercial projects are among our specialties.






Booth location: 1.1 H - D002 - G7H6

With 75 years‘ experience on providing solutions in fasteners, chemicals, tools, and inventory management, the Industry Division of Würth Group is responsible for the supply of industrial customers with C-parts components and logistics services. With a wide range of more than 1,000,000 C-parts and a unique logistics supply concept, Würth Industrie Service is the competent partner for the Industry.

Würth Industry China adheres to the Würth German Industrie Service model, providing continuous and stable services as well as product quality to Chinese industrial customers, and provides customized logistics solutions under Industry 4.0 to help companies improve production efficiency and make their factories leaner.






Booth location: 1.1 H - D002 - G5H4

Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies is a reliable global supplier of heating products for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, boasting an experience of over 50 years in the design and manufacture of heating elements and systems. Zoppas Industries is based in Italy, with global presence through design and manufacturing facilities across Europe, North America, South America and Asia – supplying quality and efficient service on the world market.

Zoppas Industries Hangzhou Ltd. was established in 2000, covering an area of 54,000 square meters. With Europe’s most advanced equipment and technology, we boast solid competence and steady innovation in developing tubular heaters, cartridge heaters, band heaters, heating cables and open coil heaters, providing professional heating solutions for Asian market.




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