Nicola Coppi's Story: Born in Italy, 20 Years in China , by Times Grocery

18 三月 2021

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The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is glad to share with you a new article published by TimesGrocery 泰晤士连锁超市 called Nicola Coppi's Story: Born in Italy, 20 Years in China!.


Since childhood, Nicola's dream has been sharing his family recipes. Now, get 25% discount on the first 50 Pesto Boxes!

The Story of Nicola Coppi

Nicola Coppi was born in Modena, Italy, a city rich in culture and cuisine (including Pavarotti, Ferrari, and lasagna!) He soon found his life calling in cooking at the age of seven, and ever since, has dedicated his efforts to his well-known, authentic, and wholesome family recipes. 

About 20 years ago, Nicola moved here to China, continuing his passion of making authentic and time-tested Italian food for internationals and locals alike. In 2010 he established his brand of premier Italian products, based on his treasured family recipes using only select and premium ingredients. The recipes and true Italian taste come from Italy, and the products are produced in China, meaning you can get the genuine taste of Italy at home without having to pay import prices!


Nicola Coppi's pesto sauce is extremely bright and rich in flavor, as if you are eating a meal at his home in Modena!

What is pesto, exactly? Originating in Italy's northern region back around the 16th century, pesto traditionally consists of crushed fresh basil, nuts blended with parmesan cheese, and extra virgin olive oil.

How to use pesto?

If you do not use pesto in your cooking, you are missing out. After trying Nicola Coppi's pesto sauce for the first time, you will probably start using it regularly from thereon!

Pesto is extremely versatile and can be used in many surprising ways you might not have expected. Let's explore some inspiring pesto recipes!

Which recipes will you make? Leave us a comment with your feedback! 

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