POST EVENT – CICC IPWG WEB MEETING – Knowledge-sharing web event, 26th June - Guangzhou

28 六月 2018

Dear CICC Members and Friends,


On June 26th, 2018 the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce Intellectual Property Working Group (IPWG) organized a knowledge-sharing web event in Guangzhou that showcased the “Best Practices in the Guangdong Province for the IPRs enforcement and patent protection”.


The event was web based and it saw the online participation of more than 10 CICC Members and IP experts from China.


After the opening remarks and greetings held by CICC Guangzhou Office Manager Ms. Romina Di Martino, Ms. Valeria Manunza - Assistant Manager and International Business Advisory at  Dezan Shira & Associates, CICC IPWG Vice-coordinator and moderator of the event - introduced a picture of Guangdong province giving a brief introduction about IPRs enforcement methods in China, updates about Supreme People’s Court 2017 Report on the Situation Regarding Judicial Enforcement of IPR in China.


Later, Mr. Nicola Bancone, Magneti Marelli R&D Manager, provided an introduction about Magneti Marelli sharing a specific presentation about the company’s practice for IP Strategy, protection and enforcement, with a focus on the company internal management of the patent inventions policy, IP portfolio management and also IP costs and benefits consideration.



Lastly, Ms. Eloisa Hu, Associate with Wang Jing & Co. Law Firm based in Guangzhou, shared a presentation about the recognition of a Well-Known trademark through the civil procedure, called “Proving “Well-known Trademark” in litigious procedure, based on the real case JaguarLandRover vs GZ Fenli. The presentation focused on the judicial procedure aspects and the evidences submitted.


It was an opportunity to learn more about the tools and procedures used internally by Magneti Marelli to protect their designs, patents and trademark, focusing on how this benefits the final result of the company performance, with a huge cost saving.

And it was also an opportunity to learn more about the juridical aspects on civil procedures IP infringements.


The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Dezan Shira & Associates, Magneti Marelli, Wang Jing & Co. Law Firm and all participants for the successful outcome of the event and their active participation.


Kind regards,




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