Post Event - CICC VI Members' Meeting: Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang - 2018 June 26th, Shanghai

28 六月 2018

Dear CICC Members and Friends,

On June 26th, the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) held the VI Members’ Meeting at The Bulgari Hotel in Shanghai.

Once again, the CICC, led by its Chairman Davide Cucino, has proven its relevance as one of the main actors among Italian institutions in China, status remarked by the presence of Ettore F. Sequi, Ambassador of Italy to the P.R.C., Bartolomeo Pietro Lamonarca, Consul of Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai, and Maria Ludovica Murazzani, Commercial Consul of Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai. Further prestigious guests were Massimiliano Tremiterra, Trade Commissioner of the ITA Italian Trade Commission, Alessandro Lamura, Deputy Trade Commissioner of the ITA Italian Trade Commission, and Elisa Sales, Bank of Italy representative, Financial Attaché of the Embassy of Italy to the P.R.C.

About 100 Members attended the Meeting, which was an occasion to assess CICC recent activities and discuss about new important projects.

After welcome remarks, Mr. Valtero Canepa, CICC Vice-Chairman in Shanghai, invited Ettore F. Sequi, Ambassador of Italy to the P.R.C., on the stage. He underlined the strong interest that Italy has shown towards China, as demonstrated by the frequent diplomatic missions to China made by Italian official representatives, culminated with the visit of the H.E. President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella in February 2017. In addition, he stressed the importance of the support provided by our Institutions to the Italian business community in the Chinese market. The speech was followed by a Q&A session that allowed participants to deepen main topics of interest.




Then, Mr. Canepa took the opportunity to thank SACE for hosting the event and invited Mr. Beniamino Quintieri, Chairman of SACE (Cdp group), to provide a brief introduction of his company. SACE is a joint-stock firm wholly owned by Cassa depositi e prestiti that offers a wide range of insurance and financial services, such as export credit, investment protection, financial guarantees, surety bonds and factoring.

Ms. Emanuela Vizzarro, CICC Shanghai and Suzhou Manager, continued with a presentation of the activities organized by the CICC in Shanghai and Suzhou in the first semester of 2018, with a special focus on: the 9th Edition of the Italian Grand Gala Panda d'Oro Award,  NOVI ELAH DUFOUR GROUP Product Launch and the 11th Suzhou Appreciation Meeting. Afterwards, CICC Board Members presented main future activities in Shanghai and Suzhou:

- the Tongji and Hongqiao projects (Valtero Canepa, Shanghai Vice Chairman);

- the upcoming Business Forums in Suzhou (September 2018) and Wuxi (November 2018) (Mauro CristofalettiCICC Board Member);

- the Yitech Project co-organized with the “AAIIC” (Association of Italian Scholars in China) (Federico Bullo, CICC Board Member);

- the organization of the first Italian Digital Day in Shanghai (September 2018) in cooperation with the Italian Scholars Association in China (AAIIC) (Lorenzo RiccardiCICC Treasurer); 

- the upcoming Career Days in Shanghai and Suzhou (Alessandra Vismara, CICC Board Member).



The meeting continued with Ms. Giulia Gallarati, CICC Secretary General, presenting:

- the newly established Working Groups, i.e. the Intellectual Property Working Group (IPWG) and the Logistic Working Group (LWG);

- the CICC Business Survey;

- the Chengdu Western China International Fair (WCIF);

Other CICC Board Members gave an overview of other CICC activities

- the inauguration of the Center for the Promotion of Bilateral Investments between Italy and the New Area of Liangjiang (Chongqing, March 2018) (Paolo BazzoniCICC Board Member); 

- the CICC ICTC architecture upgrading (Guido GiacconiCICC Vice Chairman);

- the ITALIAN CHAMPIONS project in cooperation with AGIC (Associazione Giovani Italiani in Cina) (Riccardo ColiCICC Board Member).

In the following Q&A session, the participants had the chance to debate with Mr. Davide Cucino, CICC Chairman, and other CICC Board Members.



Mr. Davide Cucino, CICC Chairman, concluded the meeting by thanking all distinguished guests for their participation and contribution, reminding that CICC Members' requests and suggestions are always welcome so as to further improve CICC's services and to build a better business environment for Italian companies in China.



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